Saturday, June 13, 2009


I photographed a track meet yesterday for a company that photographs events and then prints on-site for customers. I had a pretty nice time shooting and I took some great photos, but I don't think this particular company is for me. They were pretty specific on where they wanted me to stand to shoot certain track or field events and they wanted me to shoot all my photos at f/8 so the people in the background would be in focus...I prefer to take photos that highlight a single person with a nice composition instead of just shooting everyone to try to make a buck. I want to make beautiful photos that make people happy instead.

I absolutely love shooting sports, and I'm pretty good at if I do say so myself. I took a few photos for myself during the day that made me happy. The first one is on a little girl watching the other kids warm-up for the long jump. Oops...not a photo I was supposed to take because the background is out of focus and there's not 2 inches of space above her head. Oh, but I like it, her expression is priceless.
Next up is a  photo of Gabby. When I was standing at the long jump pit I looked up and saw her. She's a friend's daughter. I love it when I got to an event and I'm surprised with that moment of seeing someone you know in a place where you don't expect to know anyone. This is her bowing her head praying just before competing in the long jump. It's a fun picture, isn't it?
These are two photos of girls actually doing the long lump. I'm always amazed at the things athletes can do. I know if i were jumping that I would be about 6 inches off the ground and I would fall flat on my face at the end. These girls were jumping 11 feet and landing standing. Amazing. I love the pigtails on the little girl on the left. If I had the time I would have followed her around to all her events just to watch her pigtails fly. So cute. Gabby is on the right. She's so determined!

Finally this is how I felt at the end of the day. I'm not sure which race this was but I think it was the end of the 1600 meter run or something like that. It was almost 100-degrees yesterday and although I did not run or jump or throw a discus I walked all over that track and worked the pictures for 8 and a half hours. Whew! Help me up I've got another shoot tomorrow!
If you are interested in having me come photograph your child's sporting event contact me. You'll get priceless photos of you kids doing amazing things.

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