Sunday, July 21, 2013

Publications :)

You know how I love to see my name in print. Really, I do. And I love to share what I've been doing so here's another little post with some photos that have been published. It's not all glamorous but that's OK by me...every assignment makes me a better photographer.
That being said...I'll start off with a glamorous one. The cover, yes the COVER, of the Sporting News with a Jason Garrett photo I took at a Dallas Cowboys game last season. I love when I google myself and stuff like this pops up. You google yourself, don;t you? You should.
Here's another glamorous one. This is Emmanuel Mudiay. He's the number one high school basketball player in America. I got a call on Thursday that he was playing in a tournament in Duncanville, could I pop over there and get a portrait of him for a magazine cover. This obviously isn't the cover shot since a magazine is vertical...I'll save that for when the magazine is published. Basically I show up, ask around to find someone who knows him because I don't have any contact information for him. Everyone knew him. When he go there, I told him what I wanted, game was starting in about 5 minutes, I got 3 and a half to set up and take a cover shot of him in a makeshift locker room with the rest of his teammates changing clothes all around us. That was only a bit awkward. The really interesting thing was listening to the crowd as I followed him through the gym to the changing room. All around us you could hear people whispering his name. I guess that's what it's like to be a celebrity at 17. I'll never be famous, but hey...I rocked this shot.
 Here's one I don't get to see very often anymore. Actual newsprint. Wow. I got called about an hour before this event that this sweet little girl with brain cancer had wished for snow and a local organization was planning to fill her yard with "snow". I miss journalism so much. I love that spur of the moment running to a story and working to get "The Shot".  It ran metro's been a long time since I've used those words in my vocabulary :)
with a jump...
and a nice slideshow online.
 The TCU football fact book is out. I know you are expecting to see action here but I don't often shoot TCU football for the department that puts together the fact book...I do shoot head shots and facility shots for them though. And I still get to shoot football :)! I shot a few group photos for the different debutant groups in Fort Worth this year and they ran in the paper Friday. These are the Steeplechase and Assembly Debutantes for this year. I'll bee seeing them again at their ball :)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 15, 2013


I've been so busy I've been letting my clips pile up on my desktop...that's a good problem to have :) Here's some recent journalism work.
 A photo from Adrienne and Jordan's wedding ran in the Mansfield News Mirror Bridal section. Another one from a different wedding ran in the print edition but I don't have a copy of it.
 Some file football photos have been showing up here and there like in the Brownsville Herald
 and on ESPN DFW
and in the Seattle Times
 I shot the NASCAR truck race in Texas a month ago.
 A little TCU baseball

And finally a town hall meeting in Frisco on Yahoo News.
Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Emily + Caleb = Love

 A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Emily and Caleb's gorgeous wedding at Saint Andrews United Methodist Church in Plano. The church coordinator Nancy Drew was so easy to work with and they have a gorgeous sanctuary. The reception was at Bent Tree Country Club with a ton of amazing vendors. The Cake Guys did the cakes and Cindy Davis Design Group did the  amazing flowers.
I'll start with the bling. Emily and Caleb met and got engaged at Texas A&M and since they just graduated, I included their college rings too.
 Emily's dress, shoes and garter.
 His and hers :)
 A few of them getting ready in the mirrors.
 I love this shot when she's putting on her pearls. She's so happy and is shows.
Getting into her dress.
 I was a little worried about keeping myself out of the photos since the room was basically all mirrors but  oh how I love the infinity look. I remember as a kid when I would look in the mirror in the restroom at church how I could see myself over and over and over...pretty amazing.
 Dad sees his daughter all dressed up.
 What a beautiful mother and daughter.
 A few photos of Emily alone.
 and some of Caleb.
 The church outside and inside. That stained glass is spectacular.
 Ceremony time! Kent walked his granddaughter down the aisle, she wasn't exactly sure about it at the beginning but by the end of the walk she was all good, dropping blue petals all the way.
Caleb sees his bride for the first time as she enters the sanctuary. 
Love this.
 The sanctuary has a lot of light on the altar and the rest of the room is about four stops darker so the lighting is quite dramatic and shows off that stained glass window.
The wedding party in the little outdoor area at the church. It was super hot but they were all troopers and had fun with the photos.
The handsome guys.
 The lovely ladies.
 Some alone time.
 Reception details.
 Emily and Caleb had a private dinner before the reception while everyone else was at the cocktail hour.
 Then they made their grand entrance.
 Had a gorgeous first dance with their wedding party standing behind them.
 I love the way Emily's dad just cherishes his daughter, you can see it in the way he looks at her.
 Cale was nice and just put a dot of icing on Emily's nose...Emily really let Caleb have it :)
 So cute!
Then we went outside just before sunset for a few romantic photos.
I love this series!
 Finally the sun was low enough to get that orange glow.
 and a silhouette.
 Back to the party...parents dancing.
 Friends having a great time.
 The best bouquet and garter toss I've seen in a while. I really hope all these girls are single and that they all want me as their wedding photographer later...they were awesome going for the bouquet!
 The guys too...usually I see the guys standing with their hands in their pockets and letting the garter fall on the floor. Not this fun group. I want to see them all again and again!
Emily and Caleb had a private last dance...well except for me and the DJ and it was really perfect. The candles were still glowing on all the tables and the subtle blue uplighting was really the only light in the room. It was super romantic.
 and a twirl to end their it.
 Finally they left to a shower of confetti. Look at that little man in front of them :) He's so excited it makes me smile.
 When they got to their car...surprise! their groomsmen had hidden inside and threw more confetti at them as they opened the door. So much fun!
 Alone in the car and happy.
Congratulations Emily and Caleb. Your wedding was amazing and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.