Monday, May 28, 2012

Recently Published Photos

Here are some sports photos of mine that have been published recently.
Today the UTA Mavericks had a watching party to see what seed they got in the NCAA baseball tournament. 
Last week was senior weekend.
 More baseball...
 Last week I had the cover of the Sporting News. Super cool!
Yesterday's Dallas Morning News
 San Antonio Express News
It'll be football season again before we know it :)

Lisa + Brandon = Married!

Saturday Lisa and Brandon got married at Las Colinas Country Club. Such a wonderful day! Here's a little sneak peek at their photos :)
Their rings. You know how I love the bling!
Her gorgeous dress and super fun shoes. The flowers on top had all four of her wedding colors in them.
 Her jewelry hanging from a framed portrait from her bridal session...more of those later :)
 The kiss.
 The new Mr. and Mrs :)
 The super fun wedding party that indulged me for this different photo in the hallway.
 Congratulations Brandon and Lisa! I'll have more photos posted for you soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bryant Family

A few weeks ago I got to spend the evening with one of my favorite families. I photographed Rachel and Jason's wedding a year ago and they wanted to take some family portraits now that they are all one amazing family :) We went to a park in Forth Worth that might just be by new favorite place to shoot and had some fun.
 Mikaela, Malia, Keylee, and Lukas - close up!
And a second set shot a little looser. I love the colors in these photos.
The whole family.
Something different. I like it.
 The kids
 The parents
 The family that plays together...has so much fun!
 See...I told you they were fun :) 
 One last one in the grass. I'm glad you braved the stickers and wind because this photo is so beautiful :) You guys rock!
I hope you love your photos!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Isabella incredible. Honestly this little girl is so full of laughter and joy that it makes my heart sing. I could have spent all day photographing her. Her mom and dad are pretty amazing too :)
Isn't she beautiful. It was windy but with her long hair and curls she's looks like Hollywood.
 She has a fabulous smile and she loved to run for photos.
SHe changed clothes for a few and I just love these two. Perfect.
A few with mommy...
 and a few with daddy. She grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss. Super cute!
 And the whole beautiful family.
 SHe asked mom and dad to run with her a few times and they were good sports. I think it made for a fun photo too :) When we were done...Isabella asked me to go to lunch with them. I {heart} her. 
I hope you love your photos! I can't wait to photograph Miss Isabella again.

Catherine + Patrick = Love

A few weeks ago I got to spend some time with Catherine and Patrick taking their engagement photos in Fort Worth. I'll be photographing their amazing wedding later this year and we needed to get some sweet photos to share their engagement. They met at TCU and I always believe in taking your engagement photos in a place that means something to you so the campus was the perfect place for our session. Catherine just graduated and is planning to be a teacher so we had a lot to talk about, and Patrick is pretty awesome. He kept us laughing and having fun all evening. Here's a little peek at this beautiful couple!
 I love this part of campus where the trees line the street.
This is pretty much outside the dorm he lived in.
Love this series where she made him laugh. Fun!
...and sweet
This window is always a great frame and if you don't know it's there, you'll miss it. It's super wide and perfect to stand in.
Some closeups in black and white.
 And a little vintage look with some lens flare by Frog Fountain.
 Perfect time of the evening for a silhouette.
 We wanted to show a small piece of the campus in their photos and the columns on this building are amazing. So is her ring! It's been in his family for generations. So perfect.
 They are Horned Frogs :)
 ...and one last one by the football stadium.
Congratulations Catherine and Patrick! I can't wait for your wonderful wedding :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jared's Bar Mitzvah

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Jared's Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Beth-El and his awesome golf-themed party at Ridglea Country Club. Here are a few highlights.
It was a beautiful morning for a celebration.
His Tallis 
 Putting the Tallis on
Reading from the Torah 
A few portraits and details from the service.
The family in front of the Ark. 
A silhouette with the stained glass in the sanctuary.
A few weeks before the service we went out to the golf course and took some portraits to put up at Jared's reception. I love them. 
The reception had so many great golf themed details. I especially loved the place cards in the grass. Oh and clever :)
The kids danced all night.
The glowsticks were a big hit, and I thought it was funny to see a pile of cell phones on the table. Actually as a teacher and an adult, I loved seeing the phones on the table not being used and the kids actually interacting and having fun with each other. It was nice :)
Jared starting off the snowball dance.
 It starts with just one couple...
 and snowballs until everyone is dancing. By the way...I love how they all slow dance at arm's length. So cute.
There's always a great hula hoop contest. 
 Then Jared was introduced. He and his dad shared a laugh...
...he got a kiss from mom, and his "Master's" jacket from the DJ.  
All in for the Hora.
And up in the chair with some confetti. 
 Mom and Dad were good sports and went up too.
 I love this moment with them all smiling after the dance. What a great family.
 The kids were super fun all night.
 as were mom and dad doing the "Dougie"
Mom and the girls dancing to Abba's Dancing Queen 
 And finally a big hug for Jared at the end of the night.
It was a fabulous day, and I hope you love your photos. I'll have the rest edited for you soon