Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Olivia's Bat Mitzvah

Last week Oliva had a wonderful bat mitzvah at Congregation Beth Israel. The party later that evening was at the Marriott Solana and it was simply amazing. She had a red carpet entrance, her name in lights, and disco lights on the dance floor. There were airbrushed t-shirts and hats for everyone, a photo booth, a flipbook booth and even a hot dog cart. It was so much fun.  Here are a few highlights from Olivia's fabulous day.
It was a beautiful day for a bat mitzvah.
We started with some family portraits and some photos of Olivia alone.
Then once the Rabbi was there we took some photos with the Torah.
 I love these two of her reading from the Torah and dressing it.
A few details in Olivia's favorite color.
 Later that evening the reception was bathed in pink and purple light.
 The room was amazing! The walls were draped in white fabric and the chairs had some of the coolest stretchy chair covers on them I've ever seen. Very modern. I love them!
 A few more reception details from "A Night in New York." A taxis on the place card table, the Empire State Building centerpieces, The Statue of Liberty on a Lighted Olivia pedestal decorated the bar and lighted Broadway Lounge cubes decorated the kids tables where they had sodas in funky glasses on napkins printed with maps of Manhattan. Everything about the reception was so "New York." The DJ started out by playing New York State of Mind and followed up with Empire State of Mind. The theme was carried out perfectly.
 Olivia had a Broadway-style poster in the lobby and her name in lights over the dance floor.
 Oh and the dance floor...Saturday Night Fever style! The kids loved dancing on the lighted walkway.
 When Olivia got to the party I took the opportunity to grab a few more portraits of her. I love her walking the red carpet and posing on the dance floor. She was so much fun to photograph :)
 Then the party started!
 Olivia was first in line as the basketball toss. She gave her parents a thumbs-up after she made it. The other kids in the photo make me smile, all peeking around to see what's up.
 Then her brother grant thats his shot.
Grant made it on the first shot and dad cheered. 
 All the kids got a chance to make a free throw.
They also got these cool airbrushed hats like Olivia wore all night. This was one of the neatest party favors I've seen. They had stacks of white t-shirts and hats and everyone went to the table and told the artists what they wanted written on their hat and shirt. Totally custom and totally cool.
 I love her smile while she was watching the slideshow of her life. What a beautiful girl. 
 The other kids were mesmerized by the slideshow as well.
 Then they had a hula hoop contest. There's always a hula hoop contest at a bat mitzvah :)
but this one was super fun because mom... 
...and even dad, got in on the fun!  Olivia's parents are good sports :) I promise you won't see me attempt to hula hoop anytime soon. It's way harder than you remember. Really. It is.
 Time for the Hora. The whole family holding hands, dancing together. I love this part.
 An up in the chair she goes! Love the look between her and her dad. Priceless.
 There's not always cake at a bat mitzvah, but Saturday they had 2. Two! Talk about one happy photographer. Olivia had a cake for her birthday and then there were four other people celebrating a birthday at the party including Olivia's grandfather. There was singing and blowing out of candles and then there were two kinds of cake to choose from...Yum!
 The girls dances all night long.
 "She don't know she's beautiful" by One Direction was probably the biggest hit of the night. The fingers all pointing to Olivia are perfect.
 Everyone screaming "Olivia"
 At the end of the night at a NewYork themed party you have to do a Rockettes kick line to "New York, New York"
Finally...a big group hug for Olivia to end the night.  
I'll have the rest of your photos edited soon. I hope you love them all!

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