Saturday, April 30, 2016

Brandy & Jim

Tonight I photographed the most perfect little intimate wedding in Fort Worth. Brandy and Jim are so sweet and perfectly in love with each other. I loved their wedding and their photos. Such a perfect day. Here's a peek.
Jim was blown away when Brandy came around the corner and he saw her in her dress. His reaction was priceless.
As she walked up the aisle he put his hand over his heart. Now I don't cry much at weddings but this...this made me tear up. Such a happy, happy moment.
 A few moment from the service. Brandy watched Jim as his daughter played guitar and sang a song to them, they did a hand binding ceremony where their hands were wrapped together with a cord and of course the first kiss.
 Their rings on the chorus of the song Jim's daughter sang. "That's why I know you are the one."
Congratulations Brandy and Jim! I'll have the rest of your photos ready for you soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trevor and Rachel

So last week Trevor and Rachel got married...he was one of my students several years ago and now...he's a grown-up. Seriously a real grown-up :) I had so much fun taking photos of this sweet couple. Here's a little peek.
So cute.
 I love this secret little park. It's off the beaten path and has so many pretty little places to shoot.
 live this stacked rock wall. How romantic it this?
Trevor and Rachel are so great together.
 Love this one.
and this one too.
Congratultions of your marriage nad thanks for having me shoot some pretty photos for you. You are perfect.