Sunday, October 31, 2010

Published a few days ago...

...but I'm just getting to posting them because I've been photographing like a crazy person :) Mavericks vs Grizzlies photos.
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Austin American Statesman
San Francisco Chronicle
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Connecticut Post
The Fresno Bee
Mavs Moneyball
The Sporting News
South Carolina State
Albany Times Union

Published Today

I photographed the Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars game today for the AP and here's the places that have already used my photos. One of my photos even got chosen as a top pick for the day :)
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Blogging the Boys
Charlotte Observer

Stamford Advocate
The Wichita Eagle

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Portraits

This evening I had the pleasure of taking photos of Little Miss Avery, her mom and her  aunt. It was a fun time and Avery is super adorable. I photographed her last year and she's even cuter now :)
I love it when the wind cooperates and blows the hair the right way.
 Mom's hands. I think this one's sweet.
 Aunts feet. Notice the Rangers polish ;)
 She didn't think my camera could focus this close. What beautiful eyes!
 At one point mom gave her some leaves and had her throw them. First she threw them at me...then she threw them in the air, perfect! Her after expression is priceless.
 What a fun family! Thanks for spending the evening with me!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As you know I am on the Creative Team for Mel Hains Designs. Well...she has released a new kit called Popsy. So cute. I really like this one. The colors are awesome and there's some fun little tag elements in there that I could use. You also get the alpha in two colors. :) If you don;t know how to digital scrapbook, I can teach you. All you need it your computer, a photo editing program, some photos and a kit. The kits make it easy!
I actually used this kit to scrap a page for myself. I'm so far behind on my personal scrapbooking that when I got the links for the kit I forced myself to open the first folder of photos in my "to scrapbook" folder and make a page from it. It was a challenge and I think I did pretty well.  
Here's the preview for the entire kit. I'm always amazed at how different people can take the same kit and come up with completely different ways to use it. If you like it go get it!


Last night I photographed the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Monday Night football game. Here are some of the places my photos ran.
The Charlotte Observer Story. 
The Charlotte Observer Slideshow
The Houston Chronicle
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram...Early in the game when Dez Bryant ran back a punt for a touchdown.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram...after the game with Romo's arm in the sling. You know that running out on the field at the end of the game is my favorite part :)
Interesting...this photo ran on Blog the Boys and then at the end of the game I almost crashed into Michael Irvin leaving the building. Funny coincidence.
Saturday I photographed TCU and my stuff ran on the Daily Me website.
 And on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram website.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glynnis and Timothy are Married!

Glynnis and Timothy got married in Irving, Texas on Saturday. What a sweet couple. They had planned to get married outside but nature had other plans. They were fine with it and ended up having lots of fun anyway. Here's a sneak peek at their photos!
His blue bow tie and her dress hanging in the gazebo where they had planned to get married.
She wore sparkly purple heels so I had to put the rings there for a photo :)
 Off to the Church where they got married. Look at the scary clouds. It stormed through the whole ceremony. The were smart to move it indoors.
 The bouquet.
 Getting ready at the church, since it was all unplanned she was in a tiny office and he was in the kitchen. 
 Seeing each other for the first time. The little flower girl got a close-up look since she decided she wanted to stand in the aisle and watch as Glynnis came in instead of walking all the way down. Really cute.
 It was a really pretty church with a lit cross and an amazing wood ceiling.
The kiss and the exit.
A few portraits at the church. It was raining so hard at this point there was really no going outside.
 The cake! I love it when the couple has a little fun.
 Finally a break in the weather and we can take so fun outdoor photos. If it rains on your wedding day you have to go play in in it, right? If only you could see the behind the scenes of the photo on the left :) My awesome assistants, Brooke and Shannon made it happen. Brooke is holding the dress up so it wont drag in the water and ducking down so she wont be in the picture, Shannon is holding the veil out so it looks like we have a little gust of wind when we really don't. Ahhh...the magic of photography and the greatness of assistants. Thanks Brookie and Shannon!
 Congratulations Glynnis and Tim! I hope to have the rest of your images for you in a few weeks :)

The Cullen Family - Mansfield Family Portraits

Last week I spent an evening with the wonderful Cullen family. So much fun! He are my favorites from our shoot.
A beautiful family.
We also took some by this fence, we started out like this...
...and ended up like this. Mom and Dad were cracking up the whole time and the kids were so serious. Totally cute.
Both kids are athletes with amazing eyes so we took some intense portraits of them with their different sports accessories. 
He plays baseball.
She plays volleyball.
Thanks for spending an hour with me. You guys rock!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last weekend was a football weekend. It's like shooting a wedding but there's no cake ;) I know you don't believe me but practice is like the rehearsal and then the locker rooms are like the bride and groom getting ready shots. The pre-game is like the ceremony and the game itself is like the reception. Still don't believe me? I approach all my assignments with the same philosophy, get the story-telling photos. It's a process from beginning, middle, to end and you have to pay attention to all the details all the time to get those shots. Here are a few from Friday and Saturday.

Friday it was Carroll vs Coppell for the FWST.
Pregame...get your game face on!
 Love this fan in the flag shorts and two faces on the catch. Nice.
 And oh yeah, Tony Romo was standing in the endzone watching the game. Pretty cool.
Saturday it was TCU vs BYU for TCU and the Star-Telegram ran a few photos.

Love it when they lose their helmet.
 Almost a catch.
 Coach is not happy with the call.
 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this was the Frogs for the Cure game. The pink ribbon on the helmet.
The band wore pink feathers and some even wrapped their instruments in pink bandannas to show their support.