Monday, October 4, 2010

Kyndel's College Graduation Photos

I've finished editing Kyndel's Senior Portrait Session and there are so many great photos. Ahhh-mazing! So here's the story. Kyndel and I both grew up in Amarillo and I started babysitting her when she was about a year or so old until I went off to college. We reconnected on facebook and the last time I saw her in person before Saturday was at my wedding...nine years ago. Wow. She has turned into a beautiful woman. I'm really happy I got to take her senior portraits and share in the excitement of her graduation from's so cool to share in the important milestones in the lives of people you love.

This is her sweet little dog Remi.
A few in the historic downtown area.
At the football stadium with the puppy.
Beautiful girl!
A fun one with the puppy and a sexy one with her boyfriend who was at her apartment when we came back. You know I can't resist taking photos of a gorgeous couple!
Aren't they cute?

Congratulations of your graduation!

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