Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Published Photos

I got a few google alerts today. One of my photos of Dez Bryant has been running all over the web today. Gotta love that!
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Grio...which I've never heard of but is apparently an offshoot of MSNBC.com
 The National Post

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovable Liam - Dallas Baby Portraits

I got to meet Liam last weekend to photograph him and his wonderful family. He's simply amazing and his big brother Zach is awesome. Talk about a super fun creative kid. While Liam was getting a diaper change Zach and I played "pretend" we pretended he was the "weatherman" on TV and he went to get his calendar off the wall in his room and he would point to the 3 and say it was going to be very bright outside on the 3 and then point to the 4 and say it would be hot. We had fun. We also took some beautiful pictures. Here's a peek

First, Meet Liam, my handsome model.
This is my friend Zach, Liam's big brother. Their feet are so cute :)
...and here's mommy and daddy. I love how he has his eyes just glued to theirs.
 And the whole family. Gorgeous.
 So sweet.
 This is my favorite.
Thanks for having me come photograph your beautiful family. I hope to take more photos with you again soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Perfect Paige - Granbury Senior Portraits

I had a wonderful time with Paige and her family this morning taking her senior portraits. Here's a little sneak peek :)
Love this old railroad car.
Make a wish...
 Many more to come.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute Cuddly Caiden - Mansfield Baby Portraits

This afternoon I spent some time with the cutest little man. Caiden is 7 weeks old and has an amazing little smile. Here are some highlights from his first modeling session ;)
Look at that beautiful smile.
Someday he'll be one of the boys of summer...
Sweet Dreams.
 I had a fun time with you Caiden, I hope to take more photos of you soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011


It's spring Break and you know what that means...SCRAPBOOKING! Actually it means working on my new website and buying furniture and samples for my new studio, but in my downtime to relax I'm working on a few scrapbook pages.

By the way, have you seen my new website redesign...that's what I was really working on all weekend. It's slick. I love it. There's all kinds of sliding photos and a redirect so that if you are on an iPad you get an HTML site without the Flash. It even has a separate redirect on it that will send you to my cool mobile site if you are on an iPhone. Let me just say, I sat in my chair for like 20 hours over the weekend editing and uploading photos. Whew! It's finally up...go check it out.

Last month I went to Las Vegas to get inspired at WPPI. IT was a fantastic photography conference, I learned a lot and I used my new iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to take all my photos. It seems crazy that a photographer would go on a vacation without a "camera," but I wanted to travel light and force myself out of my 35mm SLR comfort zone.
So this is the page I came up with. The background is two photos sandwiched together. One is of the hotel taken from the conference center while waiting an a very long line to get into a class and the other is a photo of the painted wall in the hallway between the MGM Grand and the Conference Center. I love those swirls :) Then I saved some stuff from the trip, the folder my room keys were in, the Mardi Gras mask and medallion from the Canon party, and the wooden and plastic toothpicks that were in the burgers I ate. I scanned all that stuff when I got home along with my name badge. When I started putting my page together I decided it needed a little something si I went into my embellishment stash and pulled out the Clear Tabs and Staples by Gunhild Storeide and the Glitter Smears from Uptown Girl Collab by A Work in Progress Designs by Vicki. Viola! I like it. It takes a lot longer than using a coordinated kit, believe me but the whole page is totally my creation and I love it.

This one is a few more Hipstamatic photos from the first day I had my new iPhone. I used Happy Days, the new kit from A Work in Progress Designs by Vicki. It was perfect for these photos don't you think?
Finally Mel came out with a new kit this week called Spice. It's full of reds and oranges and made me remember that I had never scrapped the family portraits I took for my brother's family last fall. Cute, huh? I love those little girls!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scrapbook Pages

Here are a few of my recent scrapbook pages. I so love these kits from Scrap That Idea. Super cute.

First is a page from my second cousin's wedding. It rained on her wedding day so Vicki's new kit Cloudy Day was perfect for it. If you follow my blog you've probably seen the kiss under the umbrella photo before, if not, you can see all of Glynnis and Tim's wedding photos with the umbrellas here.
These photos are from last weekend at WPPI in Las Vegas. I totally don't gamble but I was there for the Wedding and Portrait photographers convention so of course I took some photos of the sparkly lights at the casino. Who can resist sparkly lights? Not me! These are actually photos from the Hipstamatic app on my new iPhone. So much fun. The kit is a Scrap That Idea Collab called Four Leaf Clover. Hmmm....maybe I should have scrapped all my silly superstitions. ;)
Finally is my current favorite photo. I took this sunday of Briana at her sister's soccer game. She's such a beautiful little girl and really she is my sunshine. Love that little kid she makes me happy. This is another Scrap That Idea Collab called What Spring Brings.