Friday, April 30, 2010

Samantha and Jeremiah are getting married!

Samantha and Jeremiah will be married tomorrow so tonight I went to the rehearsal to scout it out. Of course I took photos while I was there. Here are a few you might like.

So this is totally cute. I love seeing Sam and her dad peeking around the door to see everyone else walk in.

The Big Entrance.

The wedding party...lensbaby style.

Take my hand...

Aren't they the cutest couple?

The kiss.

The Grand Exit! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Rings

I had lots of time to play with Leslie and Andrew's rings before the ceremony while the girls were getting their hair done. It was actually really cool because she had brought "Father of the Bride" to watch while they were getting ready so I had one of my favorite movies playing in the background as I worked my macro magic on the ring photos. So inspiring.
Simple rings on the program.
L&A. Wrapped up in each other. Together. Forever.
With the date.
Sitting on the Bible in Cornthians I. Love is Patient. Love is Kind...Love never gives up.
I like the bling on the champagne glasses with the diamonds in the ring. Beautiful.
Leslie had all kinds of cool things to put the rings on.
Love the's a hairspray bottle :)


My beautiful little niece is growing up too fast! Sunday morning we went out and took some bluebonnet photos.
This one is my favorite from the shoot. I just love her surrounded by the blooms.
She's turning into a pretty good little model. I think she's had some practice :)
Lensbaby! Gosh I love this look.
I love the light here.
Too cute!
That's my pretty girl!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Reception

Leslie and Andrew had a super fun reception at the Ruthe Jackson Center. Gorgeous uplighting, amazing flowers and a great DJ who kept everyone dancing all night long.
First, some details. The bouquet on the head table, the cakes and the floral centerpieces. Isn't that green uplighting beautiful?

Heading out to the dance floor for their first dance. I love their body language.

Sweet first dance picture.

This is a fun one from the slideshow where Andrew reacts to a photo.

Watching the slideshow with the photos I took of their engagement on the screen :)

Cake cutting, Yes...I had cake and it was yummy!

Love their expressions singing to the music. And by the way...see that cute couple on the right? That's Fawn and Matt and you'll be seeing their wedding photos in a few weeks.

They really worked up a sweat on the dance floor...Leslie wiped the sweat off Andrew's forehead with her drink.

The garter.

This is so cute!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Exit

Leslie and Andrew's wedding was amazing all the way up to the very end. I've been editing for two days and I'm ready to share a few photos :) I'm going to start at the end because the photos are so fun! They exited through a tunnel of sparklers into a waiting Bentley. Ahhh! So gorgeous!

Talk about a fun couple. I love Andrew's expression here.

They leaned into the window and waved good-bye.

This is one of my favorites. The bride's mom is on the left blowing a kiss to the couple in the car. So sweet!

We had the driver circle the block and come back so we could take some romantic portraits with the getaway car.

I love this one with them in the background.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leslie and Andrew Sneak Peek

Leslie and Andrew were married this evening and I just couldn't wait to share a few photos. I'll spend all day tomorrow editing but for now...sleep beckons :)

I can't resist a beautiful ring shot. This is their cake topper with the rings in it silhouetted by the green uplighting. So pretty and by the way...the cake was fabulous!
So the Police Officer who was working security for the event brought his Harley. and offered to let us take some sexy photos with it. Gotta love a bride on a motorcycle!

More later...thanks for letting me photograph your special day. It was amazing!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Leslie and Andrew are getting married!

Tomorrow! Wow I can't believe it's already here. We took their beautiful engagement photos (see them here and here) last year and it's finally time for the wedding. I went to the rehearsal to check out the venue and of course I took a few photos.
They start with a prayer.

This is Peyton the ring bearer...he brought his blue spider ring to practice with. Adorable!!!

Leslie peeks out the door to see everyone walking in.

Peyton is so excited to be the ring bearer!

The Wedding Party.

This is a different shot of their hands during the mock ring exchange.

Too cute as they pretend to exchange rings. I can't wait for the real thing tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I got some random photos published this week. I photographed NASCAR but NFL and MLB photos showed up in print. Gotta love file art :)
The Austin American-Statesman
Bottom 9
Royals Review

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can I come play? neighbors got a new puppy and he wants to come over and play with my Annie :) So sweet.