Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Madi's Senior Portrait

Ahh...Madi is a simply gorgeous girl and I am lucky enough that she chose me to photograph her this past weekend in Fort Worth.

Here's a quick peek at perfection.
We had a little wind while we were shooting and it wasn't so much that we couldn't take photos it was just that perfect little hair blow that makes it look like Hollywood.
 So pretty.
 A few with her letter jacket and soccer things.
 This girl should model. I love how easily she can change from serious to smiles and she looks gorgeous either way.
Just a few in black and white at the Water Gardens.
Our last stop was this simple gray wall near my studio that paired perfectly with her gray lace dress. I love all the contrasting textures in the same color palette.
I love your photos Madi and I hope you do too!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ella's Excellent Bat Mitzvah

In December I was honored to photograph Ella's Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel in Dallas. She did an amazing job reading from the Torah and her party was simply fabulous. Kristen from Amazing Events turned the room into a pink and turquoise dream and DJ Haze and Fenton kept the dance floor hopping all afternoon. Plush Photo Booth had their Selfie Mirror for everyone to take photos with and Spice of Life Catering was yummy as always. Here's a peek at Ella's day.

 Meet Ella. She's fabulous.
 We started he day with some family portraits. Kacey and Oliva are her sisters and they are all so much fun. I photographed Kacey's B'nai Mitzvah with her cousin Ben several years ago and I can't wait for Olivia's in a few years so I can spend some more time with this wonderful family.
Dad and Mom are awesome.
I love this whole beautiful family.
 After taking photos in front of the stained glass we moved to the Bima.
 Ella did a great job chanting the Torah. I know because her party was at the Temple right after the service so I actually got to sit in the service for a little while and listen to her. It was a treat.
 So the party was right after the service in the auditorium connected to the sanctuary and it was amazing. Once you were in the room you wouldn't know it was the middle of the afternoon outside. Kristen transformed the space into party central. I love Ella's logo on the dance floor and the light patterns on the ceiling. Stunning.
A few more party details.
 Ella wanted a guest book so we had a photo session a few months before her Bat Mitzvah and took some gorgeous photos...all in her back yard. Seriously, she was a great model and her back yard was the perfect backdrop.
 Here are a few of the pages from her guest sign in book with the fun photos we took.
 Ella's Grand Entrance
 The room looked awesome during the montage with all the colorful lights around the stage.
 I loved watching her expressions as she laughed and watched with her friends.
 Thet played the coke-pepsi game.
 and danced the Hora.
Everyone went up in the chair.
 Love this family circle during the Hora.
 FAther Daughter dance.
 Kacey dancing with dad.
Everyone had a little fun on the stage.
 The Selfie Mirror was a huge hit.
 and the confetti. Oh how I love the storm of confetti :) Look at that cloud of pink happiness.
 The family.
 Ella gave a quick kiss to her cousin.
 got a few high fives
 and it was time to go.
Mavel Tov Ella! I loved your Bat Mitzvah!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shelby & Stephen are married!

Ahh...I loved Shelby and Stephen's wedding for so many reason's. It was the perfect event to end my 2016. Shelby was a student at Summit where I used to teach...she wasn't in my class but she was in the journalism class next door, and Stephen was a pitcher at UTA where I've been their team photographer for the last several years. So I knew both the bride and the groom before photographing their wedding and that always makes for a wonderful day. Their wedding was held at St Jude Catholic Church in Mansfield and the reception was at Green Oaks Wedding Chapel in Arlington. Both of their venues were no more than a 10 minute drive from my house which was a bonus. I'm used to driving at least an hour to get to the events I photograph. Here's a peek at their perfect day.

You know I like to start with the bling and they have some beautiful rings with lots of pretty sparkle :)
 Shelby's details.
 A photo of each getting ready in the mirror.
 SO once they were all ready we did some separate girls photos and guys photos so they wouldn't see each other before the ceremony. They look gorgeous!
 Then we did a quick little first touch just before the service.
 Stephen teared up as he saw his bride walk through the sanctuary doors.
I love this of dad shaking Stephen's hand as he passes Shelby to him. It's perfect.
 The church was great and let us roam around a little bit to get some different angles and since it was a full Catholic Mass we had time to quietly move around.
 The ring exchange.
 First kiss.
 All smiles as they leave the sanctuary.
 Then it was photo time. As the guests headed to the reception we quickly did some family and wedding party photos. First the gorgeous girls.
 Then the handsome guys.
 Both sets of parents.
All the siblings.
A little alone time for Stephen and Shelby in the Sanctuary before heading outside.
 The we stepped outside and wow...the temperature had dropped and the wind was blowing but their wedding party were troopers and even had some fun as we took some quick photos. I believe that the temperature dropped like 30 degrees between the time we got the the church and the end of the service as a cold front blew in.
 We took a few more photos of Stephen and Shelby as they arrived at the reception and then it was party time.
 Love these gorgeous cakes!
 A few reception details.
 Grand entrance.
 First dance.
 Cake cutting.
 Stephen's best man was pretty funny during his speech. He talked about when Stephen was at his Bar Mitzvah when he was 13 he must have had no idea what was going on, but now Stephen had gotten him back because he had no idea what was going on at the wedding that day. Hebrew and Latin are a little different. I love that they've been friends since they were kid and got to share the biggest days in their lives together.
 Daddy Daughter Dance.
 Mother Son Dance.
 Fun in the photo booth.
Shelby went to Texas A&M so of course they played the fight song.
Garter toss. Stephen was a pitcher at UTA and he made sure the guys were far enough away.
 The first guys that caught the garter was married. I love that he's trying to pull his ring off. Such fun. I'd call that strike one. So Stephen threw the gather again.
 The second time it was a home run.
 Then Shelby threw the bouquet.
 Last Dance.
Such a fun exit. I love that they did it down the hallway instead of outside in the freezing cold.
Then they jumped in an Uber and got away.
Thanks for having me photograph your wedding. I loved every minute of your perfect day. Congrats!