Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zac's Bar Mitzvah

This evening I had the pleasure I photographing Zac's Bar Mitzvah in Dallas at Temple Emanu-El. The ceremony was simply amazing and the party afterward was incredibly fun. Here are the highlights.
The Yamaka
 The Rabbi and Zac's Grandfather put on his Tallit.
I love his brother's body language as they open the ark where the Torah is kept and my favorite part of the service is where the Bar Mitzvah gets to carry the Torah through the Sanctuary and the congregation touches their prayer books to it. It's so wonderful.
 The Rabbi talks to Zac in front of the Torah.
 Zac ends the Shabbat Service by extinguishing the flame surrounded by his cousins.
 Now for the reception honoring Zac.
 The DJ Todd Payne of Party Time Productions kept the kids dancing and entertained all night long.
 They had a family hula-hoop contest.
 And Zac won the baby rattle competition. His party was a "Minute to Win It" theme and the kids loved it! They were all so competitive.
 Zac's parents even brought in his favorite sno-cone maker Summer Snow Gourmet Shaved Ice for the party.
 Zac and his dad dance after being stuffed with balloons.
 Zac has his caricature drawn by Ben Vincent.
 The Hora! I love this part.
 Zac's brothers got lifted up too.
 At the end of the night everyone moved in for a big group hug. Fun!
 Jaime, Zac and Lori. Mazel tov!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last night I photographed the Midland Lady Dawgs vs The Duncanville Pantherettes in the 5A Regional Semifinals. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see Midland come back and win the game...that always makes for exciting bench photos :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kim and Jay are Married!

Last week I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful wedding of Kim and Jay in Fort Worth. The ceremony was family only and it was sweet and intimate and absolutely lovely. The reception was a bigger crowd and so much fun with the kids running around and dancing and basically having a great time. Here are the highlights.

I love the way she is looking at her dad as she walks him into the ceremony. The kids all had a big part as they walked their parents in and then stood up with them during the ceremony.
 I love how the kids are all peeking around to try to see what's happening. So cute!
 The Kiss!
 A few details.
 Cake! The cake was in front of this amazing mirror where I could focus on the cake top and still see the rest of the cake in the reflection and then when they were cutting the cake they were reflected. I love it. Oh and the cake...superb. Yum!
 Some fun portraits...first the whole family.
 And next...some alone time.
 Finally...the kids had a great time playing with the bouquet. What kid doesn't want to hold a giant ball of flowers? Yes we had fun.

Scrapbooked Recently

I've been motoring through some scrapbook pages since I've had a little downtime.

Here's a page I created from Taylor and Clint's Wedding. I used a new kit by Stacey's Scraps called Always and Forever. I like the textures in her papers so when I use her kits I tend to blend a big photo into the paper for a unique background. 
This is one from last year's Giving Gallery. My students pick their best photos from the year and we mount them and show them off in a gallery space for one evening and hold a silent auction. The "Giving" part of the Gallery is that they donate all the proceeds from the silent auction to charity. It makes me proud to see my students all dressed up and showing off their talents but it makes my heart really smile to see them donate all the money they make :) Love my students! This page is made using a kit called A Day in the Life by Artgal Style.
Finally Vicki released a new kit last Friday called Boys will be Boys. I've had these photos of Gregg and his photographer buddies sitting on my hard drive for almost 2 years, just waiting to be scrapped. I liked the colors in this kit...the green made me think of Key Lime pie and since they went to Key West, well I just went with it. I like how it turned out. Silly like the boys.
I also made a page using the same kit showing of Annie's little bat ears. Love my puppy.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Clips

Here are the photos of mine that made the Star-Telegram Slideshow.

North Texas Super Bowl

Yesterday I got to check "shooting the Super Bowl" off my bucket list. I've been wanting to shoot the Super Bowl ever since I started shooting sports in college. Finally! I didn't have a field level shooting position, and I couldn't run out on the field after the game to shoot the coaches handshake...we all know how I love that, but it was just cool to be in the building and be a part of a newspaper coverage team again. I was there with the best sports shooters in the world and you know what...I was one of them :)

Here are a few photos from my shooting spot in the upper concourse. Overall it was a pretty good spot on the 50 yard line looking straight down on the action.

The Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium
A panoramic from high overhead during the pregame.
 Since I was up high I was focusing more on pretty scene shots as opposed to true game action. I like the teams curving around the trophy logo as the MVP quarterback hands off.
 Gotta love the cute kids in the stands :)
 The North Texas 2.6.11 and Super Bowl sign sandwiching the former owner of the Cowboys Name in the ring of honer caught my eye. I wonder what Tex Schramm would have thought about hosting the Super Bowl in North Texas?
 I moved around a bit on the upper concourse and I like this view of the field from the endzone.
 At halftime the stadium was quickly transformed into a concert and it looks like a completely different place. Cool.
 The Black Eyed Peas performed and it was pretty amazing to see them drop out of the giant scoreboard. Their light show was amazing.
 Dancers in lights.
 Usher showed up for a song.
 During the second half I put on the long glass and tried to get some action.
Touchdown Packers.
An almost catch in the endzone.
 An almost touchdown as the player tried to reach across the gaol line as he was knocked out of bounds.
The Steelers QB is stopped on the run.
 A nice celebration shot after the Steelers scored the two-point conversion.
 Pressure on the Packers QB.
 The Packers bench the moment they won the game!
 Running out on to the field to celebrate with the team.
 They had to go back to the bench for one more play and the coach get dumped with the Gatorade.
Aaron Rogers raises the game ball as he is surrounded by the media.
And me! After the game the security guards were nice enough to let me go on the field for a few minutes to take a photo. I wouldn't have missed this for anything. What's next on my bucket list?