Saturday, February 16, 2013

Katy and Cory

A few weeks ago I photographed the wedding of one of my wonderful former students. I love being asked to shoot wedding for my "kids" its such an honor. I'm really invested in their weddings because I've watched them grow into amazing young adults. Katy was in my photography class 5 or 6 years ago...I've lost count, and now she's married...WOW. Her groom, Cory, is an wonderful young man. He's in the air force and he makes Katy blissfully happy. Here are some highlights.
One from her bridal session and one of Cory before the ceremony.
 We started the day at Katy's parents home and as she was giving presents to her bridesmaids she said she "had no words", her brother, James who was the newspaper editor at my school a few years ago pulled out a dictionary for her. He's a pretty funny guy. I wish he would have taken my class too.
Then Katy was overwhelmed when her friends gave her a scrapbook they made of photos and notes from all the people attending her wedding and friends that couldn't make it. Wow. I am impressed they were able to pull that off.
The bling, and the handwritten vows.
 It's all about the promise.
 The wedding was at Wildscape Ranch in a red barn which was perfect for this country couple. I remember when Katy was in my class and she got her horse.
 Some inside details.
 Katy's flowers.
 And her glitter purse, gorgeous dress, boots,  blue bracelets and hankie.
 They exchanged gifts and he got her pearls. I love her expression, how cute is that.
 The pearls he gave her and the cufflinks she gave him.
 A little help getting dressed.
 They were both all smiles all day.
The ceremony was framed in twinkle lights.
 The ring exchange and the kiss.
 I love this moment right after they were married and they were all alone outside the barn, pure joy.
 The wedding party.
 Guys...Girls, both were super fun.
Some alone time for Katy and Cory.
I love this little dirt road next to the barn, and we were blessed with an overcast day so the light was perfect.
 Back into the barn for the reception.
First dance.
 Dance with dad.
Dances with moms.
Then they had a parents dance where the bride and groom and all the parents danced. I love this idea!
 The toasts were great. Katy's dad said, "She comes with a horse..." anyone who knows Katy knows that's true :) So many fun expressions.
 Party time!
Bouquet and garter toss.
Love this with the lights in the background.
 Time to leave to a tip of the hat and a shower of flower petals.
 Cory swept her off her feet and into the truck.
 Congratulations Katy and Cory! Your wedding was perfect :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's been a busy few weeks and I've been collecting clips...I just haven't had time to post them. So here goes. It is basketball season!
I shot TCU vs Kansas for the Associated Press so my photos got a lot of play. One even made it on Sports Illustrated. Oh Yeah!
Fox news and just about everyone else went with this jube. So I'm only going to show it once, but it was pretty cool to have all those google alerts.
TCU pulled everything I sent to the wire and put it in a gallery. That's cool. :)
 A few days after the big upset a Kansas coach photo ran in the Tulsa World.
 I also shot the Dallas Mavericks vs Minnesota Timberwolves game in January.
AP's "Big Story"
 The Daily Jeffersonian
 The Greenwich Time
 Knox News
 Fox Sports North
 The Monitor
 The Sacramento Bee
 St Paul Pioneer Press
 with a gallery too.
 Then some UTA Mavericks.
 And I've even had a few Dallas Cowboys Football photos show up
The Advocate
 The El Paso Times
 The Oakland Press
 Sports Net