Monday, March 29, 2010

The Zoo

I love the the zoo. Yes I do. So many photo opportunities. Last Saturday my mom was in town so we took the nieces to the Fort Worth Zoo and I took my camera, of course. Here's what I saw.
Thsi is a meerkat checking out Briana.
My favorite place at the Fort Worth Zoo is where you can sit in this window and watch the otters swim past. That's my sweet niece Brooke with the otter.
Monkey Cuddle.
Monkey in a box? He was sitting in this window with his head facing away and he looked over for just a second while I was watching. I think he has a great face.
Did you ever notice that flamingos have bright pink feet?
Brooke likes the flamingos
I think the elephants are cool.
Briana loves the giraffes and I like them too.
So I sent the whole family over to look through the window to take a fun photo and the monkey wanted in there too :) Actually I think it's a gorilla.
Love these girls. Brookie and my mom.
Peek-a-boo! Briana's too cute.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kim and Todd's Reception

Wow. I have been so busy shooting I've just gotten around to posting the reception photos from Kim and Todd's wonderful wedding. They were such a fun couple and their reception was a great party. Everyone danced all night. Here are a few faves.
First dance, romance. Ahhh. I love this picture. It says it all for me.

Such a sweet moment during the first dance.

Dance with dad.

Dance with mom.

I love a couple with personality! This was as they were finding out who had been married the longest at their wedding.


After the toasts.

I LOVE this series. It starts out with...promise you won't smash cake in my face...

Pinkie Swear!

Seal it with a kiss.

Oh heck...forget about the pinkie swear ;) Love them they are so fun!

Todd's guys give him some money to dance. So fun!

The dollar dance.


Gotta get that garter!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

A romantic moment during the last dance.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Scrapbook Page

A few weeks ago I photographed sweet little Kalen and I just got a chance to make a cute scrapbook page. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jamie and Robert!

Friday night Jamie and Robert got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

Robert is a Fort Worth Firefighter so the groom's cake was really cool.
This is a photo from right after the ceremony. I ran it through a few filters to make it look aged.
This is where the story really starts: The Bride gets ready upstairs in the log cabin where they got married.
The Gorgeous Bride.
They saw each other before the wedding in a private moment on the porch of the cabin. Here her bridesmaids are adjusting her dress just before stepping inside so they can have their moment.
And Robert Turns to see his Bride for the first time. :)
Beautiful flowers
Beautiful Bride
The Maid of Honor had a broken ankle and had to be carried into the ceremony by the Best Man.
The ceremony was outside in front of a wonderful log cabin just before sunset.
When Robert met Jamie at the front he grabbed her hands and kissed them. So sweet.
She's a jokester and had a bottle of breath spray tucked away for the first kiss.
She pulled it out right before the kiss. So fun.
The Kiss.
A pretty portrait.
In front of the log cabin.
I don't know if I like it closer or farther away. What do you think?
Reception Details.
Mr. and Mrs. champagne glasses.
The kids had a great time dancing.
Robert and Jamie's First dance.
More from the first dance. I love the hand on his face and the ring on her hand.
An emotional moment during a father-daughter dance.
The groom dances with his new step-daughter.
Gotta love a bare-foot bride :)
This was one of the great moments of the evening. Jamie's daughter was dancing with her new dad and...
...they announced that he was going to adopt her. Everyone was tearing up. Even me!
Another great moment. The best man and the groom arm wrestle.
The groom wins!
Congratulations Jamie and Robert!