Sunday, November 29, 2009

Parade of Lights

Friday we went to watch Rachel in the Fort Worth Parade of Lights. Gregg made a video. Its pretty funny.

He also made a video of the Fire Engine from Station 1 in the parade. Check it out.

I took regular photos...mmm. How I love time exposures :)

First a photo of the sunset I look from the car on the way to the parade.
This is just a cool ribbon of light.
So this is a happy accident. I was trying to pan it to streak the lights with my little joby tripod and I ended up stopping the woman in the window with the streaky lights framing her. I couldn't have planned it better.
Here is my photo of the truck in the parade.
After the parade I saw the truck parked at the Station so I though it would make a nice photo with the city lights behind it.

Darling Dakota

Tonight I took some photos of beautiful Dakota for her Christmas cards and you should see the lights in her neighborhood.
Then we went inside and put on a pretty dress and found a few Santas.
Finally with Lily.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

More TCU football

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the game. A fan, some touchdowns, a little jubo. a couple of interceptions and of course the post-game celebration.
Isn't this a great fan shot? He was in the front row. Awesome!
#6 dives over the goal line with the ball to score.
#13 catches a touchdown pass.
#6 scores his second TD of the game and runs right at me celebrating.
So I got 3, count them 3, nice interception photos at the game.
Interception #1 kept the Lobos from scoring at the end of the first half.
Interception #2 was run back for a touchdown.
Interception #3 was also run back for a Frogs touchdown.
Ryan Christian and Superfrog do a celebratory jump.
Turner ends up in the stands with the cheering fans during the post game celebration.
The Chancellor and Coach share a smile as the players hold up the conference trophy, but my favorite part of this photo...the rose. Which bowl with the Frogs get invited to?
Coach Patterson lifts the trophy. 12-0!

TCU football

Today I shot the TCU football game and put out some photos on deadline for Ahh...working a football game on deadline, LOVE IT!

Here's my photo as the top story on the front page of the website.
And you can view a gallery of my images on their website. I'll post more of my favorites from the game later!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Got Tutu?

Monday I photographed the Lovely Lauren and her family for her 6-month photos and for Christmas. If you remember Lauren from her newborn photos she was 4 pounds of wonderful and although she's more then 4 pounds now she's still a handful or wonderful.

I woke up Monday to thick fog and my first thought was "Oh NO!" but it actually worked for us and we got some amazing photos that actually look like winter. We took this in the backyard!
She was the perfect size for the stocking I have and she was so happy when we put her in it. Seriously, she loved that stocking :)
Isn't this a sweet moment between Lauren and her dad. It melts my heart.
So mom saw these photos of a baby in a tutu and found one in Christmas colors for Lauren to wear. She wasn't too sure about it in the beginning.
Love this photo! Look at that smile.
So sweet!

Are you ready for some football?

Yes I am a slacker. I photographed the Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins football game last Sunday and this is the first time I've had to look through the images to find some to share with you. Wow...they've even played a game since then.

Who doesn't like a good cheerleader photo? Those girls in the middle aren't quite jumping as high as they should be. Someday...all the stars and planets will be in alignment and the cheerleaders will be in perfect sync and I'll get that photo where they all look like the first girl in this one ;)
Looking to pass as he scrambles.
Tackled by his sock :)
A nice pass photo.
Touchdown cowboys. I was on the visitor side but I was still able to get a storytelling photo, it might be prettier from the other sideline, but I can really read his body language from this angle.
At the end of the game the players kneel around the star for a prayer. I happened to be in the right place to make a nice photo. You know how I love the star!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Cards

Last weekend I photographed my friend Jessica's family for their Christmas card. Now if you were at the Gardens you would remember us...we had the two crying children but that's OK we got some good photos anyway and I made the cutest card based on the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

But first, the photos...
I love this part of the park. The natural frame and the little hill make for a pretty picture.
This is Sam and his dad. Aren't they fun!
This is Landon. He has some fabulous eyes.
What a beautiful family.
This is a sweet moment.
And now for the card. Jess loves the photos of her sons looking over their shoulder and running and crying with the pop tart, so I turned them into a cute little card. Kids are kids and you have to laugh at life sometimes, right?
Sometimes things don't work out perfectly at a photo shoot but I had enough photos to work with and I was able to make two completely different cards. The second one is a nice combo of two separate photos of the boys that I think turned out pretty nice. They are such serious little guys!
There's still time to get your photos taken and made into cards for Christmas. Contact me to set up a session.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Published Photos

Last night I photographed the Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors game and I've already gotten a few google alerts of places that used my photos.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution used three photos with their game story :) - The website for the Philadelphia Enquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News had one picture on the story and a gallery of three...two of the photos were the same as above so I picked this one of Dirk to show you.
Mavs Moneyball Blog
The Commercial Appeal
And a few leftovers from the Cowboys game Sunday that I haven't yet posted.

Hogs Haven Blog
The Washington Examiner

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Stuard Family

Saturday was a really busy day and I am working backwards getting my fun photos from the day posted. My second family of the day was the Stuard's we've take photos together before so I wanted to do something different for them. Melissa's kids and their cousin Dakota are great and so very cooperative so we got some cute stuff. I really love these photos in black and white with the little pop of red.

Dakota is such a fun kid.
Sweet too.
We took some traditional photos outside in the trees first, but then we pulled out the backdrop, the santa hats and the letters and had some fun. This photo puts me in the Christmas spirit.
Here's a sample card I created from the photos we took. Fun, don't you think?
I know you want some customized cards. Contact me for details!


Here are a few of the places my photos from yesterday's Cowboys vs Redskins game were published...

The only newspaper site so far...San Luis Obospo, but I'm sure more will pop up on my alerts as the day goes on :)
The front page of the Hogs Haven blog.
I had lots of pics on, this is just one.
The Blogging the Boys front page features my photo of the Cowboys kicker kicking hte game-winning extra point.
One of my photos in the gallery on Blogging the Boys...I like this one as I just happened to have my wide-angle accessible as I was walking past the bench and injured player was sitting on the training table. You aren't allowed to stop and shoot behind the bench so I took it while I was walking.