Monday, September 7, 2015

Zander's Amazing Bar Mitzvah

and when I say amazing...I mean seriously amazing. I had the honor of spending the last 4 days with Zander and his beautiful family. He had a Bar Mitzvah service at school on Thursday, A rehearsal that evening, a Shabbat Dinner on Friday, a birthday party for his Papa on Saturday and his Bar Mitzvah Party on Sunday. The whole weekend was full of fun and the community or love surrounding Zander is wonderful. I loved seeing his friends and family support him an celebrate with him all weekend. Here's a peek at some photos from his rehearsal at Tiferet Israel and party at the the W Hotel in Dallas.
Thursday I met Zander and his family at the Temple so we could get a few photos with the Torah.
Such a beautiful family and such a fun kid. Zander has a great personality.
 Sunday the party was at The W Hotel in Dallas and it was stunning. Jennifer with Tie a Bow Special Event Planning turned the lobby and the event room in a golf spectacular. The guests entered through the private Valet entrance into a "green" carpet affair. I love the green carpet and ropes but I especially love all those gorgeous photos of Zander I took on the gold course decorating the wall. Wow!
Then the guests walked through the pro shop to pick an item to be airbrushed. Their gifts were waiting for them as they left the party. I love this idea!
Upstairs on the top floor of the hotel their were gold accents everywhere. 
 and outside on the patio the view of downtown is gorgeous.
 but wait...look at this room once it gets dark. Stunning. These are the bars. The one inside was bathed in blue light and outside there is a sparkling view of the lights of downtown Dallas.
 inside and out...Stunning.
 The family arrived a little early so I could get a few dressed up photos. I'm loving Z's bow tie and Nike shoes.
 The kids all wore tennis shoes! Such a fun idea and perfect for Zander's sports theme.
 Since the family was early they got to try out all the vendors before their guests arrived. There were some golf games in Z's Diner.
 Check out Z's Diner in the kids area. They had breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, cereal and smoothies.
 They had a green screen and a photo booth.
 Introducing Zander!
Now it's party time.
 Papa's birthday was this weekend too.
 The whip and the nae nae.
 The Mavs Maniaacs and Mavs dancers showed up for a little dancing.
 Now it's time for the Hora. Zander was on Mike's shoulders as mom and dad were up in chairs.
 The rest of the family went first...
 Then is was all about Zander.
 Once he was up in the chair the crowd went crazy. Love, love, LOVE this!
 Mom and dad dancing in the middle of the circle.
 All three brothers on shoulders.
 Zander high-fiving his sister.
 So much fun.
 Once the Hora was over the Mavs Maniaacs stayed for a few dances.
 Zander dancing with his grandma and mom.
 His friends gave great speeches about him and they ended their speeches with a "whip".
 Mom presented Zander with a Masters Jacket
 Then Mom and Dad had an anniversary dance because Zander's Bar Mitzvah was on their wedding anniversary. How cool is that?
 The grandparents joined in for the anniversary dance.
 Back up on the shoulders for a cloud of confetti!
 Thanks for having me capture such special memories for you! I'll have the rest of your photos edited soon.

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