Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cowboys Photos

Today I photographed the Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints game. Here are a few photos I've seen on the web already.
First up...I have five count 'em FIVE photos in the Best of 2012: Week 16 slideshow on That's pretty cool.
Then, one on ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth
 The El Paso Times
 Fox News
 The Fresno Bee
 The Huffington Post
 The Moulton Advertiser
 The Sacramento Bee
 The Sun-Herald
 The Advocate
 The Albany Times-Union
 The Wichita Eagle
 The News and Onserver
 There are also a ton in the San Antonio Express News online slideshow but I haven't got the time right now to put them together, I'm off to edit.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Erin's Bridals

I photographed Erin and Brad's wedding about three weeks ago and I've just finished editing and I'm ready to blog about their wedding but first I want to share a few of her bridal portraits. She is simply stunning.
We met at a park in Arlington and we were blessed with a beautiful cloudy sky. Not only was the light perfect on Erin the sky looks amazing in the photos. Love that. Isn't she gorgeous?
Here are a few more where you can see all of her dress. I love, love, LOVE the one with the columns. Erin looks like a queen.
 Then we went around the corner for a little bit different look. Since her wedding was in the fall we wanted a few fallen leaves in the photos and we found the perfect spot.
 Erin was a trooper because the day she flew in for her bridal session was probably the coldest day we've had all winter. I think she wore her fur stole more for her bridals hen she did on her wedding day since it was really warm that day. By the way, her bouquet is by Rae at Rae's Exclusive designs - Think Red. She is awesome to work with and does the most fabulous floral arrangements.
Erin, thanks for choosing me to be your photographer! I loved photographing you and Brad. You guys are awesome.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Karen's 35th birthday

12.12.12. What a great day for a birthday and Karen celebrated hers in style with a party for her closest friends at La Duni in Dallas. Their slogan is where there is cake there is love. I'm all about that :) Here's a peek at her photos.
 I'll start with the cake. La Duni cake = Amazing. There were two kinds Cuatros Leches and Venezuelan Triple Chocolate. There were three candles: one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. Love that.
So I went to the salon where she was getting ready and I have to show you what she wore. This gorgeous Herve Leger dress, Le Silla shoes and both a fur coat for outside and a fur wrap for inside along with Swarovski jewelry. She was stunning.
La Duni was set up for a beautiful intimate dinner. Soft lighting, flowers that matched her dress and candles.

Her friends were thrilled to celebrate with her.
And she went around the room and told each one why they meant so much to her. It was heartwarming. I like this shot were she was reflected in the mirror on the back wall of the room framed by her friends listening. There was one spot in the room where the light hit her as she moved around the table and it was just perfect when she moved into the light.
 She saved her mom for last...I love this.
A little cheer after the toast.
 The menu was fabulous. There was champagne and the food was amazing. I got to eat and I will definitely go back to La Duni.
 I love how everyone was seating around a big square table so that everyone could see everyone else.
Here's a veiw of the party from outside :)
 Finally it was time for cake. Love that smile.
Everyone who attended the party was amazing. One of her super fun friends offered me a "crisp" dollar bill to email the group photo out today. I didn't take his dollar...I don't have everyone's email addresses to send it to and that just wouldn't be right ;) but you can right click and save it from here. I'd share this group photo anyway, such an amazing group of people.
Happy Birthday Karen. Here's to many more wonderful years. Cheers!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Liz & Wayne are married!

Yesterday Liz and Wayne got married. It was beautiful :) Here's a peek.
They got married at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano and did a first look in the chapel before the ceremony. Look at their expressions, so sweet.
 I love the first look because they get a few moments alone...except for me of course ;) and the emotion is so genuine. They aren't worried about everyone watching and they don't have to worry about time to take posed photos the rest of the day. We were able to take all their family portraits and tons of bride and groom photos all before the wedding so that afterward, it was almost straight to the reception. Love that!
 Wayne gave Zoey a ring before the ceremony.
 Love this.
Mom and Zoey. Aren't those hot pink shoes spectacular?
 The whole family.
Some alone time for Liz and Wayne inside the chapel...
 ...and outside too. We were blessed with some cloud cover and had beautiful light at 10:30. Yay!
 The chapel is gorgeous with an amazing reflective floor.
 So happy! Everything about this photo makes me smile. Liz and Wayne are thrilled and Zoey is running out of the pew to catch up and walk out with them. Look how she's holding those flowers in the air. LOVE!
 Balloon and bubble exit.
 After the wedding we walked over to the pond and took a few more family shots. I love the three balloons for the family of three. was a December wedding and there were Christmas ornaments as favors and ribbon candy. How can I resist photographing the rings with that?
Congratulations Liz and Wayne and Zoey! I'll have the rest of your wedding edited soon!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emily and Anthony's Fort Worth Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing the wedding of one of my former students. I was so excited to be a part of Emily and Anthony's big day. They met in high school, went to separate colleges, graduated and stayed together finally getting married in November. My heart smiles every time I think about it. I posted a little sneak peek the day after their wedding but here's the full story :)
Emily got ready at the Renaissance Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth. She was in the Van Cliburn Suite where there is this super cool window. The light in this room was amazing.
 Her dress and gold shoes.
 The rings. Her maid of honor had gotten her a wedding day cupcake, so me being the cupcake queen...I had to put it in at least one photo. It was red velvet...Emily is lucky I didn't eat it while she wasn't looking ;)
 Her something old.
 Hairpiece and blue jewelry.
 Getting ready.
Going to the Chapel.  Emily arrived ready except fr her veil because she and Anthony had planned a first look and photos outside just before sunset. Love that.
Emily's bridesmaids help her put on the finishing touches.
 And we were off to do the first look. The minute Emily stepped outside she started to cry. Then all these amazing things happened. Anthony was thrilled to see her, wiped away her tears, grabbed her and kissed her. Love, love, LOVE!
 The gorgeous girls and the handsome guys.
 The whole wedding party.
 They were fun.
 Really fun. :) The guy on the far left...that's Andy, Emily's brother and he was in my class too.
 Some alone time.
  Everyone shoots the bride with the flowers, but I thought these flowers were such a great color to photograph against the black tux. Now...I like the two photo side by side. It wasn't what I had planned when I shot it but I like it!
 Now that the wedding is over I can share a few bridals.
 Anthony and Emily.
 So the wedding was at Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth and Emily walked down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary played by a friend who was in the Summit Band with them when they met. How cool is that?!
A moment with mom and one with dad just before going down the aisle.
Anthony waits.
 Emily arrives.
The wedding party on the altar.
The kiss!
 I love the way he looks at her. Every photo I have of them Anthony is looking at Emily with love in his eyes. Doesn't every girl dream of a man that looks at her just like this? She's the most important thing in his life and is shows in his expression.
Immediately after the ceremony they stole a little kiss. Sweet.
 Then it was off to the reception at the Petroleum Club. The room was gorgeous with baby's breath and lilies and the table numbers were made with their engagement photos that I took. You can see the Petroleum Club from their hotel suite so I photographed that earlier in the day.
 They were introduced and went right into their first dance.
Thier reception fit them perfectly. They chose the Marc Toussaint Combo with a big band sound to play and it was amazing. I'm a huge fan of a band at a wedding and this one did not disappoint.
 There's that look again. He just can't keep his eyes off her and that smile. I love a happy groom :)
 Emily dances with her dad.
 Anthony dances with his mom.
So sweet.
 Cake ad champagne. I'm loving the reflection in the glass. 
One more with the rings and the cake topper.
This one's fun. 
 Last dance.
 After the wedding we went back to their hotel to take a few photos. I love when we can do this.
 Finally he carried her over the threshold.
 One last photo. Love this couple. THey asked for a photo with me :)
I hope you love your photos :) Congratulations on your guys are amazing.