Sunday, December 9, 2012

Liz & Wayne are married!

Yesterday Liz and Wayne got married. It was beautiful :) Here's a peek.
They got married at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano and did a first look in the chapel before the ceremony. Look at their expressions, so sweet.
 I love the first look because they get a few moments alone...except for me of course ;) and the emotion is so genuine. They aren't worried about everyone watching and they don't have to worry about time to take posed photos the rest of the day. We were able to take all their family portraits and tons of bride and groom photos all before the wedding so that afterward, it was almost straight to the reception. Love that!
 Wayne gave Zoey a ring before the ceremony.
 Love this.
Mom and Zoey. Aren't those hot pink shoes spectacular?
 The whole family.
Some alone time for Liz and Wayne inside the chapel...
 ...and outside too. We were blessed with some cloud cover and had beautiful light at 10:30. Yay!
 The chapel is gorgeous with an amazing reflective floor.
 So happy! Everything about this photo makes me smile. Liz and Wayne are thrilled and Zoey is running out of the pew to catch up and walk out with them. Look how she's holding those flowers in the air. LOVE!
 Balloon and bubble exit.
 After the wedding we walked over to the pond and took a few more family shots. I love the three balloons for the family of three. was a December wedding and there were Christmas ornaments as favors and ribbon candy. How can I resist photographing the rings with that?
Congratulations Liz and Wayne and Zoey! I'll have the rest of your wedding edited soon!

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