Thursday, December 13, 2012

Karen's 35th birthday

12.12.12. What a great day for a birthday and Karen celebrated hers in style with a party for her closest friends at La Duni in Dallas. Their slogan is where there is cake there is love. I'm all about that :) Here's a peek at her photos.
 I'll start with the cake. La Duni cake = Amazing. There were two kinds Cuatros Leches and Venezuelan Triple Chocolate. There were three candles: one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. Love that.
So I went to the salon where she was getting ready and I have to show you what she wore. This gorgeous Herve Leger dress, Le Silla shoes and both a fur coat for outside and a fur wrap for inside along with Swarovski jewelry. She was stunning.
La Duni was set up for a beautiful intimate dinner. Soft lighting, flowers that matched her dress and candles.

Her friends were thrilled to celebrate with her.
And she went around the room and told each one why they meant so much to her. It was heartwarming. I like this shot were she was reflected in the mirror on the back wall of the room framed by her friends listening. There was one spot in the room where the light hit her as she moved around the table and it was just perfect when she moved into the light.
 She saved her mom for last...I love this.
A little cheer after the toast.
 The menu was fabulous. There was champagne and the food was amazing. I got to eat and I will definitely go back to La Duni.
 I love how everyone was seating around a big square table so that everyone could see everyone else.
Here's a veiw of the party from outside :)
 Finally it was time for cake. Love that smile.
Everyone who attended the party was amazing. One of her super fun friends offered me a "crisp" dollar bill to email the group photo out today. I didn't take his dollar...I don't have everyone's email addresses to send it to and that just wouldn't be right ;) but you can right click and save it from here. I'd share this group photo anyway, such an amazing group of people.
Happy Birthday Karen. Here's to many more wonderful years. Cheers!

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