Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Family Portriat Time!

I've been so busy I've fallen behind on my blogging, but tonight I edited some family portraits I am just in love I'm taking time out to share. Art and Stacy met me at one of my favorite shooting spots with their amazing kids one Sunday morning a few weeks ago. This is what we captured. Enjoy :)
I love this family.
So this place I like to shoot has had a bunch of other photographers there lately and now I have to work around all the chalk they have used to mark up the perfectly weathered metal walls. Seriously, if you are a photographer and you are working in a public place, please be respectful of all the other people who might be working there too, and don't mess it up. I know that you see all kinds of great ideas other photographers had on Pinterest, but please, be original. Have a creative thought of your own...and leave the beauty nature creates alone. I decided I might as well use the heart that someone else didn't bother to erase when they were done with their engagement session but I have to do quite a bit of work in Photoshop to remove the initials inside it. I don;t mind the heart in this photo, but I don't want it in all my photos and neither do you I'm sure. It's just as easy to add it in Photoshop...easier to add then to remove actually. But I my soapbox and back to the pretty pictures :)
 This is Jake. He's a little bundle of energy...and he's a lot of fun to photograph. I think this captures him perfectly.
 This...this is Julia. She's been modeling for me since she was about a year old. Oh how time flies. She's looking so grown up now...
 ...and more beautiful each time I see her. Julia can model for me anytime.
 The kids and their amazing mom...
 ...and dad. He's pretty great too...well, except for that maroon stuff he made them change into ;) I love to give him a hard time about his Aggies and he gives it right back to me about my Red Raiders.
 Love this one :)
Thanks guys for modeling for me. I hope you love your photos.

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