Monday, December 26, 2011

More Football photos

Here are a few more places my Cowboys football photos ran. Lots more cheerleader photos too.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 Delaware Online
 Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
 News & Observer
 Yahoo News

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cowboys Eagles Football

Merry Christmas Eve :) I photographed the Cowboys vs Eagles game this afternoon and I've already seen quite a few photos published. Yay!
Austin American-Statesman
 Bleeding Green Nation
 The Daily Reporter
 The Denver Post
 The Houston Chronicle
 Philly Burbs
 The Republic
 San Antonio Express News...story.
 Albany Times-Union
 Washington Examiner
 Wichita Eagle

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ted's Bar Mitzvah

A few weeks ago I got to photograph Ted's Bar Mitzvah. So. Much. FUN! The party was at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards and Ted even played two songs with the band! Super cool!
This is Ted. He's pretty awesome.
 We weren't allowed to photograph the service so we took some family photos and Torah pictures a few days ahead of time.
 Love this family portrait.
 And this photo of Ted.
 On Saturday the party was at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. They had a Shabbat Service before dinner.
 And then comes the party :) All the kids were VIPs
 Ted's signature drink was the Yellow Submarine and he played two Beatles songs with the band Me and My Monkey. This is a photo from his sound check.
 They had a fun photo booth by A-Photobooth with tons of props. The owner Greg Thomas is a friend of mine but I didn't know he had a Photobooth until we worked this event together. So fun!
 This is Ted and his parents having fun in the booth. Cute!
 So for Ted's first song with the band he played guitar.
 Mom was cheering like crazy. 
 After Ted played his first song it was time for the Hora. I love this shot of Ted, his mom and dad, his sister and both sets of grandparents dancing. It makes me happy!
 Then it's up in the chair! As the band played a cool mash-up of Hava Nagila and Twist and Shout. Really, Really, REALLY cool.
 Everyone was up in the chair: Dad, sister...
 ...and even mom.
 Then Ted played his second song with the band. This time he plays bass. He's really talented.
 Mom was filming the whole thing. I love how the pride shows on her face. 
 At the end on the song the crowd went crazy.
 I love these two photo of mom and dad.
As Ted left the stage all his buddies greeted him. Superstar!
Congratulations Ted!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lisa & Charlie

A month ago I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful wedding of Lisa and Charlie. I posted a sneak peek right after the wedding but now that I've had a chance to edit all the photos I have some more to share :)
Beautiful rings.
 Her dress and fabulous fur stole.
 The bridesmaids all wore different style green Lula Kate dresses. They were super cute and everyone wore cowboy boots to the reception.
Lisa's flowers had an heirloom rosary wrapped around them.
Getting ready.
 They had a fun first look in a park.
 Some alone time.
 The gorgeous girls.
 The fabulous guys.
 The whole wedding party was fun.
 We just finished the group photos as the sun was setting.
 Family :)
 Off to the church and she had to switch to her dress shoes. I love this photo.
 An offering to Mary.
 The kiss!
 So happy!
 First dance. 
 Dance with mom.
They had petit fours. Yum!
 He loves batman so they lured him to the cake table with the batman symbol.
 She got a good smash tight in his nose.
 A kiss but I really love the little girl peeking at them in this photo. It's cute.
 The toasts.
The bouquet toss.
 Love his face. So fun!
Lexi dances with her dad while Lisa dances with Charlie's dad. :)
 Then everyone danced the night away.
 Even the kids...until they tuckered out.
 One of my favorites from the night.
 Last dance.
 Congratulations Lisa and Charlie! I hope you love your photos!