Monday, December 12, 2011


About 5 weeks ago I photographed Henry's Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas. What a wonderful day. Henry is super awesome and his service and party were amazing! The day of coordinator, Wendy kept everything running smoothly And DJ Patrick "P-Love" Alston and the dancers kept the kids playing games and dancing all night. MiPhotoBooth was there and everyone had a great time taking photos in the booth.
It was Henry's Can Do Bar Mitzvah and there were cans decorated with the logo. How fun! There was also a "Can"dy Bar with every kind of candy imaginable for the kids to fill up a bag before they left the party. Clever! 
We took some Torah photos before the ceremony.
And some family portraits too. They are beautiful and I love the stained glass in the sanctuary at the Temple. It's gorgeous!
Henry plays the violin and he played a song during his service. Wow! I was impressed. I play the violin and I would be way too nervous to play in front of all those people on such an important day. He did not miss a note.
 We weren't allowed to photograph the service so we set up most of the temple photos ahead of time but this is my very favorite part of the bar mitzvah when they carry the Torah through the congregation. There was a small window in the door and so I was able to take two frames through the window as they were walking across the back. It's real, it's candid and it makes my heart smile.
Now for the party. There was cake AND cupcakes :) Cupcakes with stars on top. Now that's my kind of cupcake!
It was actually Henry's birthday the day of his Bar Mitzvah so they had party blowers and candles.
Pretty :)
Make a wish.
 The kids had tons of fun games including a hula hoop contest, and tons of carnival games
They even had giant sheets of bubble wrap to stomp on. How FUN! 
But I think Henry's favorite part of the party was the blackjack table. 
They had a snowball dance. You know I LOVE the snowball dance. Two kids start...
 SNOWBALL! They each have to get a new partner.
 SNOWBALL! until everyone is dancing. 
Even the adults got into the dancing :) 
The Hora! 
 I love these two photos of the family dancing together.
 So. Much. Fun.
I had a great time at your Bar Mitzvah Henry...I hope you love your photos!  

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