Monday, April 28, 2014

Jessica & Brendan's San Francisco wedding

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in San Francisco with Jessica, Brendan and their families. What an amazing experience. The Wedding was at the San Francisco Theological Seminary and it was simply gorgeous.

I've known Jessica for 10 years now. She was one of my students the first year I taught photography and we have always kept in touch. She took my class, went to photo school in California and now works as a photographer in the San Francisco area. I am super proud of her. She's the kind of person that inspires me to be a better teacher.

So she picked me up at the airport and took me to a cute little boutique hotel where she left me with a box of Sift Cupcakes...does she know me or what. In the morning Brendan picked me up and took me to the Shaw Guest House at the Seminary where several of the guests were staying. They had filled the house with food and treats for us all and they spent the afternoon making bouquets and centerpieces before heading to the rehearsal and back to the guest house for dinner. Jessica's Family from Texas and Brendan's New York family were all there to celebrate and it was perfect.

Here's their beautiful day.
The rings.
Jessica's gorgeous dress. I love that she chose a shorter dress. It was perfect for her vintage look.
She had her mom's veil made into a bolero that she wore at the reception. I love this idea!
She wore an awesome birdcage veil and made he own bouquet.
All her jewelry is vintage. Brendan bought the necklace and bracelet for her as gifts and even though they were found at different estate sales they match perfectly.
Emily wanted to get in on the makeup action with mommy.
Getting into the dress.
 I love this line of bride and bridesmaids all helping each other get ready.
 Finishing touches in the mirror,
Simply gorgeous.
 Brendan before the wedding and Jessica right after.
 Brendan has been working on this '65 Buick for a while and it was their get-away car for the evening.
 Ceremony time. Emily wanted to come down the aisle early to see daddy.
 A nice moment with the officiant who was a family friend.
Brendan sees his bride for the first time and rears were in his eyes. Super sweet and it was absolutely perfect that Emily was right there with them through the whole ceremony.
 Brendan wipes away the tears.
It is a gorgeous chapel.
Rings. Look at Emily. She's watching this so intently.
 The kiss and the family skips down the aisle :)
 The wedding party and the fabulous husband and wife.
 A few outdoor shots of the wedding party.
Some alone time with Brendan and Jessica.
 Fun with shadows.
Just a few more right outside the reception hall. They are such a  fun vintage couple that I wanted to capture some of the pretty yellow sunset light on them.
 Reception details.
 The entrance.
 A perfect moment.
 Emily got to dance with daddy.
First dance.
 I love the way they look at each other.
 Jessica and Brendan are perfect together.
End of the night. This looks like 1950 to me and I love it. She has on her Converse with her shot dress and his jacket and they are hanging out with the just married sign on the Buick. I don't think there is a more perfect picture to end their day with. 
 So Sunday morning we got up and went to the Golden Gate Bridge for a quick day after session. Ahhh...I want to do this with every bride and groom!
 Congratulations Jessica and Brendan. You guys are amazing.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jesica and Brendan's Day After session

Today before leaving San Francisco Jessica and Brendan and I drove his '65 Buick down to the Golden Gate Bridge for a fun retro day after session. I love that they took the time to do this and celebrate their first day together in the city they love. Their wedding last night was perfect and their day after session was stunning.
 Jessica scouted this location a while back and it was fabulous.
 Just Hitched.
Congratulations! Thanks for choosing me to capture these most special moments for you.

Jessica and Brendan are Married!

 Last night I had the honor of photographing Jessica and Brendan's wedding at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. It was gorgeous. Here's a peek.
Jessica is gorgeous.
 The ceremony was short and sweet and absolutely perfect.
 They kisses and then the skipped down the aisle. Love that!
A cute little family photo with Miss Emily.
 The gorgeous girls and the handsome guys.
The whole wedding party way a joy to work with.
Brendan wanted a jumping photo and they nailed it.
Some alone time for my sweet couple.
 The cakes were amazing.
Brendan wore his grandfathers pocket watch and Jessica wore his grandmothers rings. They even had a beautiful vintage cake topper as well.
End of the night with the Buick.
Just Married!
Congratulations Jessica and Brendan. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!