Monday, October 31, 2011

Nicole and Daniel are Engaged!

A few weeks ago I spent the evening with Nicole and Daniel. They were so much fun to photograph, I cannot wait for their wedding :)
We started out under a bridge by my studio. I love the light here at this time of day.
Love this big flag mural. The stars are so much fun.
 My favorite rusty door.
 Aren't they great? 
 A few in the studio
 And the water gardens. I'm always amazed every time I go there with how loud the rushing water is. 
 Sunset at the water garden :)
 Congratulations Nicole and Daniel. I hope you love them all!

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 NFL Nation
 Saint Louis
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kyndel & Neil are Married!

Kyndel and Neil got married yesterday :) Here's a little sneak peek for you.
Cadillac Ranch
 Love the sky in this one.
 So happy!
Congratulations! I love you guys. The rest of your photos will be edited soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aaron and Wynne Married!

A few weeks ago I went to Grand Rapids to photograph the wonderful wedding of Aaron and Wynne. Ahhh...mazing! They are a wonderful couple and photographing them and their families was such a joy. The wedding and reception were at the Amway Grand Hotel so we had so many beautiful places to take pictures. Love that!
The ceremony was in the Gerald R. Ford Ballroom and it's a replica of the Oval Office. It was pretty cool. The room is a square but it feels like a round room because the the domed ceiling and the way the walls are painted. You can see the whole room in the kiss picture a little farther down.
Their rings :)
 Her details. Love those shoes!
 Getting ready. The smile on her face as she looks in the mirror is priceless.
The had a first look...awesome. So much emotion and so much time for photos before the ceremony.
Surprise! So happy!
The gorgeous girls
 The awesome guys.
 The whole wedding party on the balcony in the lobby of the hotel.
 Some alone time.
 We took there in the room where their reception was held. Isn't the ceiling amazing?
After all the photos they had about an hour to rest and relax before the ceremony. 
 A hug from dad.
 Isn't the room neat?
 Love the way he looks at happy in love.
 The rings always make a good photo.
 Just married!
High-Five...right after they walked out of the ballroom. 
 They had a receiving line and afterwards they went back into the room where the ceremony was held while their guests went on to the cocktail hour and I just happened to peek my head in and saw them sitting together in the chairs. I absolutely love this shot. It's completely unposed and I don't think they even knew I was standing there. It's a perfect moment. :)
 Reception details.
Fun with the cake.
 First dance
 Dance with dad and mom.
Both sets of parents dancing.
 It was a fun reception everyone was dancing and having a great time, even grandma
 But this...I really have no idea, it made for super fun photos though. All the guys were rolling on the floor and shaking their legs up in the air. Must be a man thing  ;)
 Last dance
 What a wonderful wedding!
 Congratulations Aaron and Wynne!