Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The bride has to get ready for the wedding and when I shoot a wedding I am always there to capture the fun. Last Saturday was no different. Here are a few of my favorite photos from Kerri preparing to get married.

Kerri gets her make-up done.

Isn't this adorable? Look at that tiny little tux!

Kerri puts on her mascara just before getting into her dress.

All hands on deck!

I just love her expression while they put on her veil here.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Reception Photos

I know you want to see more from Kerri and Pierre's wedding. Here are my favorites from the reception. Kerri and Pierre were such a fun couple. They were smiling and having fun all night!

Kerri shows off her ring to her guests.

Another of my fun ring photos. Kerrie had two adorable little boys walk down the aisle right ahead of her ringing bells so I used one of the bells and the flower girl's hand to show off the rings. I like it with the cool lights in the background.

Cake time! The people peeking around the corner really make this photo for me.

So cute. They shared a bite of the cupcake and Kerrie ended up with the icing on her nose. The cupcakes, by the way were fabulous. Red velvet with chocolate covered strawberries on top. Oh my!

If there's going to be lights...I'm going to use them to make a fun photo.

Sweetest moment of the wedding...Pierre stop in the middle of the first dance to sing to his bride.

Look ma, no hands!

Aren't their expressions priceless? Pierre had just shot the garter over the heads of all the single guys. So funny!

After the garter toss she laid her bouquet down on the chair and they had their last dance. I like the feeling of this photo.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soda Pop!

Tonight's supper club was full of bubbles! Everything had to have some sort of soda pop in the recipe. Then we had eight different sodas to taste. It was pretty fun I have to admit but I've decided that fruit flavored sodas are nothing more than liquid candy...I've got quite the sugar buzz going right now!

Here's a little sample of our soda tasting. Mandarin Orange Soda, Fitz's Premium Grape Pop and Stewart's Key Lime Fountain Classic. We also had a root beer, a ginger ale, a pineapple soda, a vanilla soda and a bubble gum flavored Jones Cola.
A fun picture of Tracy tasting the grape soda.
Finally here's my recipe from the evening.
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The ceremony

Here are some photos from Kerri and Pierre's wedding ceremony.

Look how cute the little boys are all dressed up. They came down the aisle ringing bells and saying "The bride is coming" So adorable.

Pierre is so proud as he sees Kerri for the first time.

Kerri smiles as she reaches the end of the aisle.

So sweet. She crying and he's checking on her as the ceremony starts.

The lights were so pretty.

I love the way they are looking at each other here.

I think they are pretty happy.

Congratulations Kerri and Pierre!

Kerri and Pierre are Married!

Today I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Kerri and Pierre. Here are a few photos I picked out to share with you right away.

Kerri waits patiently for the ceremony to start. Isn't she a beautiful bride?

Pierre waits for Kerri to come down down the aisle.

The ring bearer holds the rings.

So happy!

I'll share more photos as I edit tomorrow!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scrapbook Page

I had some time this morning so I thought I'd relax by making a scrapbook page. This is from our cruise this summer with Harold and Elizabeth.
I was looking for a kit that had the right colors and I happened upon the Take a Dip kit by Nicole at Digi-Designs by Nicole. I really love her kits and she's having a contest right now to win two free kits if you design a page with one of hers and blog about it. I was going to scrapbook this morning anyway so I might as well try to win the contest too :)

I used her Take a Dip kit for all the Elements and Papers and I used the Alpha from her Beach House kit. They go together perfectly. I don't know if she planned that but It works for me!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I had a photography job this evening and while waiting for an elevator I saw this photo.
Isn't it beautiful! I love the reflection photo where everything just works. There's no random exit sign or light reflecting and the light behind the bust makes the reflection really stand out on the shiny floor. SO NICE!

Water Gardens at night.

Have you ever gone over to the Fort Worth Water Gardens at night? It's really beautiful and a completely different experience than during the day.
This is the entrance on Commerce Street. It's about a 20 second exposure.
This is a little bit less time. I like the way the water really glows from the side.
Isn't it surreal? This is a 15 second exposure.
The Aerated Garden has lights in it and one is blue...the rest are white.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kerri & Pierre are getting married!

Kerri and Pierre are getting married on Saturday. I am lucky enough to get to take photos at their wedding and this evening I went to their rehearsal. Here are a few photos from the rehearsal dinner.

What a fun couple. She is always laughing and I love her smile. He is always making her laugh. That makes photographing them FUN! Their rehearsal dinner was at Hoffbrau so we took a quick walk outside to take a photo.

Then...there was a gorgeous sunset. I totally love the purple sky.

And they had these fantastic little cookies at the dinner in the shape of wedding cakes and engagement rings. It made a cute photo and it tasted wonderful too...after I touched it to get it stand up I had to eat it, right?

I can't wait for the wedding!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Published Again!

I love it! I had more photos published...it's fabulous!
The Oakland Tribune.
The New Jersey Star-Ledger.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.
The Houston Chronicle Online
A nice big picture on the Blue and Silver Report.
On Blogging the Boys a Dallas Cowboys blog...they used my photos like the last three days!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food Photos

I photographed an event tonight where they had some amazing pretty hors devours. Of course I had to take a few pictures to post here.

The crab claws presentation is so nice and I love the color.
The veggies are so simple but they are beautiful with all the lines against the black background.
Now I'm hungry!

More Cowboys

Here are a few more Cowboys photos from Sunday.

This was taken a few hours before the game as the volunteers watches the military unfurl the flag on the field practicing for the night's National Anthem.
Former President Bush flips the coin. You can see it right on his forehead.
Love this fan. Isn't she great?!
Barber scores the first TD of the Inaugural game in the new stadium.
Giants #25 Johnson intercepts a pass and runs it back for a TD.
Barber pushes away the defender as he carries the ball.
The Giants win on a field goal at the last second.