Monday, September 21, 2009

Places I was published.

WOW! I had so many photos on the web today on lots of high profile newspaper websites. So cool. I also had a double-truck photo run in the Cowboys Inaugural Game program...I saw it. It looked so awesome. I don't have a copy of it to post here but maybe someone with take a photo of their program for me :) In fact it would be fun if you took a photo of you or your family holding the game program opened up to the picture I shot and I'll post them all here!

This is from a blog called the Big Blue View and they used my nice Giant's touchdown photo really big. I love it. It's eye-catching!
The Washington Post used my facemask photo. Man it hurts to look at this one! Ouch.
The New York Time went with a fan feature where one person was wearing a Giants jersey and the other a cowboys jersey in the parking lot before the game. America's Team for sure!
New York Newsday's photo gallery features a few of my photos as well.
From the Honolulu Advertiser...a feature from overhead during the national anthem.
Here is my first page of photos from the AP images website. You can see them better if you go to the AP Images page.
And the second page of photos from AP images. I had 41...WOO HOO!

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