Saturday, September 19, 2009

Volleyball Photos

I shot my first boys volleyball game this week. From a photographer's perspective it is completely different than girls volleyball. I had to approach how I took pictures differently because the boys hit and spike from farther back on the court. They also seem to let everyone set the ball where on the girls' teams there is only one player that sets. It wasn't hard but it was an adjustment. Here are a few pics.

This was shot during warm-ups for the game. I like his expression and the clean background. It is so hard to find clean non-distracting backgrounds in most the high school gyms I go to.
A nice dig in the JV game.
It's nice when you can get faces from both teams in the picture. Not as easy as it sounds in volleyball.
A spike.
And a block. Love this players expression!
Contact me if you want me to come out and photograph your child's sporting event. My prices are reasonable and you will get amazing photos of your son or daughter.

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