Monday, September 7, 2009

Summit vs Timberview Football

Summit High played Timberview in the Herb Kirkstreit Football series at Cowboys Stadium Monday evening so I went to take a few pictures. OK, a lot of pictures. HEre are some of my favorites.

The clouds were way cool over the stadium before the game.
The players all got shirts with the Herb Kirkstreit logo on them.
The players huddle up in the lockerroom after stretching before the game. They had to stretch in the lockerroom because there were only 30 minutes between games.
The team waits in the tunnel for the game before theirs to finish.
Cheerleaders get the crowd into the game.
Gotta love the band. It's one of my favorite parts of high school football games. The music makes me happy!
Interception. Summit took this ball right out of the hands of their opponent in the endzone.
Quarterbakc throws a pass.
Touchdown! See the star? Percect placement...that never happens :)
Summit #22 hits the ball carrier to knock him out of bounds.
Favorite photo from the day. See the player horizonbtal on top? That's one of my students. WOW! I'm impressed.

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