Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Page

I'm on a roll with scrapbook pages today. I tried my first template today.

This is what the template looked like...
and this is what I did with it.
I saw it online and loved the shiny circle frame in the center. I've never used a template to create a page before so it was a little different. I downloaded it and opened it up in photoshop and it was pretty easy after that. All the layers were clearly marked and as long as I put my papers and elements in the right layer it worked fine. I didn't like that the shadow layers were locked so that I couldn't copy those layers to give the other elements on my page the same shadows but I'm savvy enough to be able to match the shadows pretty close using layer styles. The template is Scrib Scrub template by Vinnie Pearce and the papers are from the All You Need is Love kit from SeniDesigns. The flowers are from lots of different designers that I re-colored and resized to make them work with the page. Fonts are American Typewriter and Journal.

I don't know that I love templates. It seems like it would make it easier to design a page but that isn't how it worked for me. I kind of like starting with a blank white square on my screen and then putting a few pictures on it. It's like a little puzzle I have to solve. Everything on the page has to fit and work together to tell a little story. Scrapbooking like that makes me happy. Plugging the papers and elements into holes isn't quite the same challenge.

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