Sunday, September 6, 2009

Volleyball Photos

Wow! I have been so busy the last few days shooting photos that I haven't had a chance to blog about them. It's catch-up time now. These photos are from last Thursday. I photographed a Country Day volleyball game. Volleyball is not the easiest sport to shoot. It's always dark and you can't use strobes. The girls are always running in front of each other and there's a lot of backs. This game was great both teams were competitive and they were so excited.

The Falcons team captain leads a cheer in the huddle as the game starts.
A great face on a dig.
The Falcons win the first of three games.
I'll post more photos from my other shoots this weekend later. I shot engagements on Friday, Corporate work on Saturday and Sunday morning and some family pictures Sunday evening with a bonus newborn session thrown in. Tomorrow is the big football game at Cowboys stadium so I have a lot to post over the next few days. Check back for updates!

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  1. Good stuff. I love volleyball. I have only missed a few of the TCU homes games in the last six years.

    I will look for you on the sidelines Monday at Cowboy Stadium. The family is going to the first football game of the day involving TRINITY.