Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jake's Bar Mitzvah

Yesterday I got the chance to meet up with Jake and his family to take some portraits before his Bar Mitzvah today at Shearith Israel. Here's a peek at this gorgeous family!

In front of the Ark.
 Jake gets some help finding his Torah portion.
 With his Tallis and the Torah.
 Family tradition photo.
Love this.
 With dad and with mom.
 With his brother and sisters. How cute are they!
 Congratulations Jake! I can't wait for your party tonight!

Hayden and Preston's B'nai Mitzvah

This morning Preston and Hayden were called to the Torah at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas. I had the pleasure of taking a few portraits before the service for them. Here's a peek.
Hayden and Preston with their amazing parents. Dad told me that they have wanted to share their Bar Mitzvah day and have a B'nai Mitzvah together since they were little kids. I love that.
 Preston and Hayden at the Torah.
 A few fun brother photos at the Ark.
 The brothers and the family with the Torah.
Congratulations Hayden, Jamie, Preston and Cameron. This morning was wonderful and your party tonight is going to be amazing!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grant's Bar Mitzvah

Yesterday was Grant's fabulous Bar Mitzvah. He read the Torah during the morning service at Temple Emanu-El and then partied all night at Glen Eagles Country Club in Dallas. Here's a peek :)
This is Grant. He is a pretty awesome model
With the Torahs in the Ark
The whole family on the Bimah with the Torah.
 Reading from the Torah.
Love that stained glass at Emanu-El. Gorgeous color.
 The party was later that evening. They had a fun montage.
 and of course there was a hula hoop championship.
Last week's Bar MitzvahJeffrey won the championship and the guys lifted him in the air. Fun!
 There was a heated game of pop-a-shot basketball complete with a few slam dunks.
DJ P Love kept the dance floor rockin' all night.
 Fenton and his dancers were fantastic as always.
 Time for the Hora. The family holds hands as they dance in the circle.
 Until Grant ends up in the middle...
 ...and is up in the chair. Some of his friends even helped lift him!
 Sister, Brooke, went up in the chair too.
 Mother-son dance. Loving those blue suede shoes!
 Sweet moments.
Congratulations Grant! I'll have the rest of your photo for you soon!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jeffrey's Bar Mitzvah

Ahhh...I love this family. Last weekend I got to photograph Jeffrey's Bar Mitzvah at Shearith Israel and the Hilton Lincoln Center in Dallas and it was amazing. I had photographed his sister Samantha's Bat Mitzvah a few years ago and it was great seeing them all again. I absolutely love working with Cory from Cocktails and Caviar, DJ P Love and Fenton and his dancers. Oh and the chocolate...if you aren't following Jeffrey's dad, Joe, on his Eat More Chocolate facebook page you are missing out. Amazing. Here's a peek at the festivities.
 First...Jeffrey. What a great kid.
His Kippahs for his guests to wear
Thursday I went to the rehearsal to take a few candid photos since photography of the actual service isn't allowed. I actually like photographing the rehearsal because I can move around and get photos I wouldn't be able to get from a stationary position during the service. I love how pretty the sanctuary is at Shearith, the lights are gorgeous and the stained glass...WOW!
 Jeffrey on the Bimah practicing.
Love this part of the service.
 Reading from the Torah.
 A few posed ones with the Torah.
 And in front of the Ark.
 The whole wonderful family.
 Saturday was party time at the Hilton Lincoln Center. THis was the first time I saw the seating on a screen...neat idea that worked great with Jeffrey's Sports theme "JSPN". Don't you just love that giant sign-in photo? I took that in Jeffrey's backyard this summer.
 Basketballs, Footballs, Baseballs and Tennis balls decorated the tables and Jeffrey's Mitzvot was to collect used sports gear to donate to kids who don't have any. He and one of his friends are working together on this project and they are still collecting if you have any that you would like to donate.
 Jeffrey and his friends watch the montage.
 Mom and dad are so cute watching the photos.
 Hula hoop time.
 The championship hula hoop battle. I believe Morgan won. I cannot wait for her Bat Mitzvah next year!
Emily reacts as Jeffrey chooses her as his first dance partner in the snowball dance. Ahhh...I love the snowball dance it's so much fun to watch the kids scramble for dance partners and slow dance arm's length apart. So sweet.
 DJ P Love kept the part rocking all night
Jeffrey is in the center for the Hora.
 And up in the air he goes.
We had two photographers at Jeffrey's party so it was nice to have two views of the Hora. 
 Sam, Max, mom and dad went up in the chair too!
 Mother son dance.
 Joe and Samantha joined in for part of the dance.
 Love this.
Fenton shows Joe a few moves..or maybe it was the other way around ;)
 Jeffrey gets lifted and spun around at the end of the night by his cousin.
 Did I mention the chocolate? Seriously amazing chocolate Kate Weiser's amazing truffles were the showcase of dessert. I tired the Mango Habanero, the Buttery Popcorn and the Ninja Turtle. Did I say seriously amazing? I was wishing for a to-go box :)
Congratulations Jeffrey! I'll have the rest of your photos for you soon.