Sunday, September 27, 2015

Allison's Amazing Bat Mitzvah

Last night was Allison's Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El and em the Venue and it was super amazing. Allison loves photography so she and I had a great time together at her photo session before the event and taking photos all day yesterday. Love this girl! Laura with L'events did a great job with the planning and decor and DJ Haze and Fenton kept the party on the dance floor all night. So much fun. Here's a peek.
Allison is such a beautiful girl.
And her family is amazing.
 Her great grandparents were at the Bat Mitzvah and presented her with her Tallit. I love this! Allison had both sets of grandparents and her great grandparents with her to celebrate. So wonderful!
Alison and her family with the Torah.
 Love these two special moment photos.
After the service everyone moved to em the Venue for the party. The decor was stunning. The centerpieces that had a photo taken by Allison in that location on them along with a photo I took of Allison at her portrait session. Such a fun idea.
 Japanese Lanterns were hanging over the dance floor in Allison's colors. The color in the room was amazing.
 Allison had a gorgeous custom sign in book (made by me) on the table for guest to leave her messages.
A few more beautiful details.
 I thought this was fun. There are a few mirrors on the wall at the venue and from certain angle you can see the party. This is the same scene looking at it and looking at it's reflection in the mirror.
 The girls were on the stage all night: dancing and singing in the mic.
 Father daughter dance.
 Love love, LOVE this.
 Right after the father daughter dance Allison's mom surprised her with a Pinkberry desert table.
 Time for the Hora.
 Jessica, dad and Allison chanted with the crowd for mom to go up in the chair. So fun!
 Everyone up in the chair.
 At the end of the hora Allison's friends circled her and ran in an out holding hands.
 The last song was Time of My Life.
 Congratulation Allison. You did amazing yesterday! I'll have the rest of your photos edited soon.
 Oh and the chocolate cameras that were favors...LOVE!

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