Thursday, September 3, 2015

Zander's School Bar Mitzvah service

This morning Zander read from the Torah at his school. It. Was. Amazing. I never really get to photograph a Bar Mitzvah service since they are on the Sabbath so it was a treat for me to get to hear Zander chant from the Torah. What a beautiful service so full of life and celebration.
Meet Zander. He's a handsome young man and he is super confident, athletic and smart.
 His friends helped him put on his Tallit.
 Zander was all smiles today.
 Love this part of the service.
 They took the Torah out and all stopped to look at me for a quick photo. I felt so welcome at this service and it was wonderful.
 Reading from the Torah. I loved that his friends came up and stood near him to support him.
 They showered him with candy at the end of the reading.
 Just after the service we took a few photos outside with mom and dad. What a perfect day. I can't wait for the rest of Zander's weekend!

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