Friday, June 28, 2013


It's been an exciting week at Chad and Jana's house. Monday we took a few pre-baby maternity portraits and Tuesday...Owen was born. Wow! Then today we took some sweet little newborn photos of the newest addition to their beautiful family. He's pretty amazing.
So here's a fun before...on Monday, and after...on Friday. What a difference 5 days makes.
 Monday...Jackson and Wyatt were kissing mommy, Friday...smiling with their new baby brother.
So on Monday they hadn't quite decided what they were naming their third little man. Jana and I had a lot of fun with the chalk.
I love this one.
 So beautiful...
 ...and handsome.
 Tiny little feet.
Owen was wide awake for most of our session. He's 4 days old and a wiggly as can be, but he did like hanging on to mommy and daddy's wedding rings.
 A few with mommy and daddy.
 And a stack of brothers.
 Jaskson and Wyatt seem to really love their new little brother. They were so sweet kissing him and begging to be the one to hold him in the family photos.
 Owen...Oh my goodness you are sweet :) Wrapped up in a blanket make by Chad's mom and resting on a quilt made by Jana's mom. I love these two photos.
Congratulations Jana and Chad on your newest little man! He's amazing.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lauren + Will

A few weeks ago Lauren and Will got married at Northeast Wedding Chapel. It was a beautiful day full of laughter and special are a few.
 All you need is love.
 Lauren had monogrammed shirts made for all her bridesmaids and hers had a little heart on the back with Will love Lauren in it. Cute!
 The bridesmaids word blue Lula Kate dresses. I so love Lula Kate.
And Lauren wore Sperry's with her dress. The one's she got even had a small gold "M" hanging from them. Perfect!
Lauren and Will each getting ready.
 Putting the finishing touches on.
Lauren's friends came in to pray with her just before the wedding.
 and she had a beautiful moment with her mom as well.
 Before the ceremony, which was performed by Rev Marty Younkin of Love Notes Weddings, Lauren and Will had Marty  read a statement to all their guests to turn off their cells phones and cameras and let the photographer, i,e. me, capture all the memories so that they could be fully present at the ceremony without the distractions of technology. Ahhh...I love that. He pointed at me which was a little embarrassing but I love working with Marty, he's got a great sense of humor and he always tailors the service to the couple.
 Lauren's grandfather could not make it to the wedding so they brought an iPad and streamed it on Skype for him. He got to sit right on the front row with mom.
 Will gets his first look at Lauren in her dress.
 Lauren is walked down the aisle by her dad and stepfather.
 Such a pretty ceremony.
 Laughter and "tears".
 Man and Wife...YES! or as Lauren tried to get her bridesmaids to say "Boom...Married!"
The exit.
 A really sweet moment immediately after they left the chapel. I love the joy on her face.
 The wedding party.
 A few reception details.
 First Dance.
 Sweet dance with dad.
 Cake cutting and there were lots of photographers :)
 They only had one cake so Lauren surprised Will by putting a little something for him on it...Ironman.
Just so you know...Will really likes Ironman :)
Lauren dances with her superman to the Just Jazz Band they had playing at their reception. I always love a live band.
They left in a cool classic Belaire.
 And then we went out and took a few more beautiful photos.
 Congratulations Lauren and Will. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!