Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today I spent the day with Eli and his wonderful family. He had an amazing day at Temple Emanu-El and The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. Lauren from Mathes and Co. Events was great to work with, the venue was amazing, DJ Lucy and Fenton kept the kids dancing, and Wolfgang Puck fed everyone.  Here's a little peek at Eli's Exciting Evening
Before the service we took a few photos of Eli with the Torah. Honestly, he's a pretty amazing kid.
 His mom helped him put on his Kippah which she made for him. it's in the pattern of the stained glass at the temple. Love that!
A few of Eli reading from the Torah.
Rabbi Knight with the whole family.
 Since I couldn't photograph the service I grabbed a few photos that I could before I headed out to the party. The one on the left is a photo of Eli on the Bimah shot through the stained glass. I noticed while I was shooting the family photos that one pane of the glass was lighter colored so as I was leaving I stopped to see what I could see through it. It's a little abstract but I can still make out Eli and I kind of like it. It's different. Also, I love the personalized Kippahs. Eli's were grey suede and gorgeous.
 Now for the party. It was a night at the museum and it was pretty epic. Eli went up on the chair for the Hora with the molecules from the museum bouncing from the celing above him. How cool is that?
Dancing with his friends
 ...more dancing with glowing foam sticks. They were like light sabres.
 A few family photos at the end of the night.
 and finally my friend Eli with the super cool fatheads of him that were decorating the windows of the lobby at the museum. See the one on the far right? I shot that one during one of Eli's baseball games in March. It's pretty cool to see one of my photos larger than life. What a great idea to make fatheads to make the party room more personal!
Eli, your party was amazing!

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