Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cindy is 50

Last Saturday I spent the evening with the most lovely family celebrating Cindy's 50th birthday. It was an amazing party full of family and friends having the most special evening. Cory from Cocktails and Caviar planned the event which was held at Royal Oaks Country Club. Joanne the catering director at the club is so great to work with and I always love working with Cory and his team. They made some Amazing happen Saturday night. Absolute Entertainment set up some amazing lights. The room was bathed in blue light for dinner with patterns of light on the ceiling. Absolute Entertainment, Cocktail and Caviar, Fauxcdes, Suite 206 and bbj linens combined their talents to transform the ballroom at Royal Oaks into a supper club for the evening. I loved it. After dinner Emerald City played and it turned into a dance party. My husband has a lot to live up to in 8 years ;)

This is Cindy. She's fun, fit and fearless....and might I add fabulous.
 The room was spectacular. Blue light everywhere, lamps on the tables, perfectly coordinated linens and flowers. Spectacular.
 Here's a closeup of the lamp bases that were filled with water and flowers.
 The places were set with plates on brown linens with blue napkins that were folded to hold a menu which if you look at it mimics the pattern in the rim of the plate in color that match the linens. Perfetcly coordinated.
 There were a few smaller tables along the sides of the room with low lamps barely peeking up over the wine glasses. Love these little intimate tables for four.
 Cindy had a signature blue drink served at the cocktail hour. I'm not sure exactly what was in it but I heard champagne and I saw orange twists so I'm betting it was pretty tasty.
 We took a few family photos before the party started.
 Love this family.
After dinner Cindy was toasted by her three kids. 
 It was fun to wathc her as she listend to what her kids had to say.
 Then she was toasted by her two brothers.
And finally her husband Phil got up to toast his wife.
 What a great couple.
 Then they partied the night away on the dance floor and honestly I don't think Cindy stopped dancing once.
 Her dad even took a turn dancing with her.
 and somehow she ended up on stage singing with Emerald City...FUN!
Happy Birthday Cindy! I hope I look as fabulous as you at 50 and that I am surrounded by as much love from family and friends. Your party was Amazing and so are you.