Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grant's Bar Mitzvah

Yesterday was Grant's fabulous Bar Mitzvah. He read the Torah during the morning service at Temple Emanu-El and then partied all night at Glen Eagles Country Club in Dallas. Here's a peek :)
This is Grant. He is a pretty awesome model
With the Torahs in the Ark
The whole family on the Bimah with the Torah.
 Reading from the Torah.
Love that stained glass at Emanu-El. Gorgeous color.
 The party was later that evening. They had a fun montage.
 and of course there was a hula hoop championship.
Last week's Bar MitzvahJeffrey won the championship and the guys lifted him in the air. Fun!
 There was a heated game of pop-a-shot basketball complete with a few slam dunks.
DJ P Love kept the dance floor rockin' all night.
 Fenton and his dancers were fantastic as always.
 Time for the Hora. The family holds hands as they dance in the circle.
 Until Grant ends up in the middle...
 ...and is up in the chair. Some of his friends even helped lift him!
 Sister, Brooke, went up in the chair too.
 Mother-son dance. Loving those blue suede shoes!
 Sweet moments.
Congratulations Grant! I'll have the rest of your photo for you soon!

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