Monday, September 28, 2009

Reception Photos

I know you want to see more from Kerri and Pierre's wedding. Here are my favorites from the reception. Kerri and Pierre were such a fun couple. They were smiling and having fun all night!

Kerri shows off her ring to her guests.

Another of my fun ring photos. Kerrie had two adorable little boys walk down the aisle right ahead of her ringing bells so I used one of the bells and the flower girl's hand to show off the rings. I like it with the cool lights in the background.

Cake time! The people peeking around the corner really make this photo for me.

So cute. They shared a bite of the cupcake and Kerrie ended up with the icing on her nose. The cupcakes, by the way were fabulous. Red velvet with chocolate covered strawberries on top. Oh my!

If there's going to be lights...I'm going to use them to make a fun photo.

Sweetest moment of the wedding...Pierre stop in the middle of the first dance to sing to his bride.

Look ma, no hands!

Aren't their expressions priceless? Pierre had just shot the garter over the heads of all the single guys. So funny!

After the garter toss she laid her bouquet down on the chair and they had their last dance. I like the feeling of this photo.

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