Sunday, September 6, 2009

Marketing Photos

I took some marketing photos for one of my clients this weekend. I spent the day photographing guests at the resort and I came up with a ton of great photos. HEre are a few of my favorites.

Skeet shooting was cool. I love the cartridges being ejected from the gun and the smoke coming from it. So cool.
The resort had some women teaching kids how to throw a lasso and this little boy so patiently waited his turn that he got a treat and got to be in the lasso too.
The longhorns Ribeye and T-Bone were there in the morning for kids to get their photo taken on. This little girl was having such a great time.
There's never enough water in the pool!
What a great face!
This is my favorite from the weekend. I absolutely love the towels and their expressions, the goggles on all their heads are a bonus!

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