Monday, October 24, 2011

Lisa and Brandon are engaged!

Sunday morning I got to spend some time with one of the sweetest couples ever. Literally! They gave me a cupcake at the end of our session :) Do they know me or what?! We had a great time photographing around Fort Worth and they brought props and dogs. I love props and dogs...especially when some of the props are cupcakes! They even brought Becca who totally ROCKS. She was out animal talent wrangler for the day and she's one of my very favorite people in this world. If you ever need beautiful handmade beanies for your newborn you should contact her. Gorgeous work! But I digress...back to our super fun, puppy filled, cupcake eating photo session....
We started over at my favorite little rusty door. They are getting married in May and I can't wait!
Love these photos with the pups. Chloe and Timmy were actually great but I think having Becca helped. She totally had a jar of treats and a great whistle :) 
Pretty family portrait :)
 Playing with the shadows.
 A sweet moment
 So Lisa had this little cutout that said "Laugh" Love it!
 We used it for a ring shot too...oh and the cupcake. Dogs pay attention for treats...photographers do too ;) This actually might have been the best cupcake I've ever had. The heart on top was made of white chocolate and the frosting was super amazing. Red Velvet. Yum!
 Two of my favorites.
 Finally...we Lisa has a little fun with one of the cupcakes. Sweet!
Congratulations Lisa and Brandon. I hope you love your photos!

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