Saturday, December 3, 2011

Horned Frog Family :)

Rick and Cris both graduated from TCU and their kids are both super Frog Fans already. We spent the morning photographing around the campus to get some amazing family portraits :)

First, the whole family. I {heart} these guys they are so easy to work with and they just make taking pictures fun, and I love this window. It's a great place to photograph a family.
Now Ethan. He is one of my very favorite models. Really. He is super smart and talks to me about all kinds of things. I don;t think I was nearly as smart as he is when I was a kid. Someday when he graduates we are taking this same photo in front of Frog Fountain in a cap and gown because I have no doubt he will be a Horned Frog!
By an imprint in the sidewalk. I looooove Ethan's smile.
And Lucy. talk about beautiful. Look at that perfect little face, soft blond baby curls and giant chocolate eyes. I could photograph her all day.
 And some cute family photos: the kids together on a Frog bench and a sweet photo of mommy and Ethan.
 Then we stopped at the studio for a few white background photos. The kids are so sweet, this photo of Luck with her blanket makes me think of Linus from the Peanuts cartoon, it just melts my heart and I love the photo of her looking up to her big brother. My studio rocks by the way, you should come visit us there for a session. :) 
 Thanks for hanging out with me for a photo session. I hope you love them all!

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