Monday, February 11, 2013

Daniel's Bar Mitzvah

Last week I spent several days with Daniel and his wonderful family. Daniel is a super smart kid and an amazing athlete. He's 13 and I think he told me he's run 3 triathlons. WOW! I am impressed. Here's a little peek at his Bar Mitzvah celebration.
Daniel's Bar Mitzvah was at Shearith Israel in Dallas and instead of photographing the service we took photos at the rehearsal a few days before. Daniel was totally prepared and he even made eye contact with the audience during the practice which really impressed me.
We took some family portraits with the Torah.
 And even a few in the lobby where it just so happens that his Torah portion was on the wall. How cool is that?!
 Then Saturday night after the service all the kids changed into play clothes (see the SWIM, RUN, BIKE shirts...there's a cool triathlon theme going on) and rode buses to the party. Now I will tell you I go to a lot of Bar Mitzvah's and this is the first time I've ridden a bus with the kids. It was fun and the kids were telling me all about their Go Pro camera adventures. What awesome kids to find something in common to talk about with an adult.
 So the party is at Group Dynamix and right inside the door they painted a starting line and running lanes on the floor.
 So Daniel ran through a wall of balloons filled with confetti as his grand entrance.
 Ran through a line of all his friends and family.
 and was lifted in the chair for the Hora. See those balloons in the background...just wait. It's pretty cool...
 As they danced the Hora they dropped the balloons from the ceiling just like in a movie. I love this!
I'm thinking Daniel liked the balloons too.
 Then the rest of the evening was play time. DJ P-Love was there playing music and keeping the party fun while the kids played on inflatable obstacle courses...
 ...boxed, played basketball, soccer, dodgeball...and what all the kids were anticipating the most...
 ...the high ropes course. Daniel, on the left, and the girl on the left in the right photo both had their Bar and Bat Mitzvah services Saturday but she is having her party in a few weeks. They've been friends "forever" and wanted to go to each others parties.
  I think the kids had fun up there.
 ...and a little bit of a challenge. Remember Joseph? If you read my blog regularly he should look familiar he had a pretty cool Bar Mitzvah himself a few month ago.
 Daniel and some of the kids even zip-lined over the parents dinner reception.
 Finally I took a few last photos of Daniel and his awesome parents at the end of the night.
 Congratulations Daniel! Your Bar Mitzvah week was pretty amazing, thnaks for letting me be a small part of it.

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