Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days = Scrapbooking!

This week has been crazy. The ice storm shut down school for four days. No I don't live in the northeast. I live in TEXAS! Not that I'm complaining about a 4 day vacation form school but it's just not supposed to be like this here :)

Anyway, since I had tons of time on my hands I caught up on lots of scrapbooking. Bonus! I created several digital pages but I also had the time to finish up a lot of traditional cut and paste pages that I had on my plate from before I went all digital. It was kind of nice to get out the trimmer, the corner rounded and the e-xacto knife again. All in all I think I did about 25 pages in three days. Here are the digital ones.

This is a catch-up page from 2009. Yes I am that far behind. When I get a kit I just look through the millions of photos I have taken that haven't been scrapped yet and see if any of them inspire me. I love these photos of my nieces playing in the park and this kit Doodly Doo which is a Scrap That Idea Collab had the perfect colors to go with my photos.
Next is a page about Rachel's Basketball game. It's actually scrapped using a Valentine's Kit called Funky Love but her team color is Pink and the basketball really was that green color so again...perfect kit to scrap with. I had taken the photo of the floor to use as a page background but when I saw this kit I decided to use the pink and integrate the floor as a mat instead.

Last year I got to ride on a fire truck in the Parade of Lights. I'll was pretty cool. I'm not a 4 year of little boy, but seriously, who doesn't want to ride on a fire truck? The only think that might be better would be to ride on the zamboni ;) I used Vicki's new kit 911 Rescue and a few cutouts from the side of the fire truck to make it fun.
Finally, my wonderful friend Michelle asked me to come photograph her Grandparents 60th anniversary party last weekend. So sweet. The post right before this one is all about their party. I was so inspired by the photos that I had to scrap a page and Artgal Style's Be Mine kit was waiting there in a folder on me desktop for some sweet romantic photos.
 I so love scrapbooking and taking photos :) Memories are all we have.

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