Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zac's Bar Mitzvah

This evening I had the pleasure I photographing Zac's Bar Mitzvah in Dallas at Temple Emanu-El. The ceremony was simply amazing and the party afterward was incredibly fun. Here are the highlights.
The Yamaka
 The Rabbi and Zac's Grandfather put on his Tallit.
I love his brother's body language as they open the ark where the Torah is kept and my favorite part of the service is where the Bar Mitzvah gets to carry the Torah through the Sanctuary and the congregation touches their prayer books to it. It's so wonderful.
 The Rabbi talks to Zac in front of the Torah.
 Zac ends the Shabbat Service by extinguishing the flame surrounded by his cousins.
 Now for the reception honoring Zac.
 The DJ Todd Payne of Party Time Productions kept the kids dancing and entertained all night long.
 They had a family hula-hoop contest.
 And Zac won the baby rattle competition. His party was a "Minute to Win It" theme and the kids loved it! They were all so competitive.
 Zac's parents even brought in his favorite sno-cone maker Summer Snow Gourmet Shaved Ice for the party.
 Zac and his dad dance after being stuffed with balloons.
 Zac has his caricature drawn by Ben Vincent.
 The Hora! I love this part.
 Zac's brothers got lifted up too.
 At the end of the night everyone moved in for a big group hug. Fun!
 Jaime, Zac and Lori. Mazel tov!


  1. Love the photos! You did a tremendous job! We can't wait to see them all! Thank you so much, The Arons

  2. I love these....Jewish traditions are so beautiful and meaningful...great job capturing!