Monday, January 31, 2011

Peg & Tom = 60 years

Last weekend I photographed Peg and Tom's 60th wedding anniversary party. Sixty! I think that is just wonderful and amazing, how many people can say they've spent 60 years with the love of their life? They are just an adorable couple still in love after 60 years. Here are a few highlights from their party.

Their son is a priest so they had a family mass to start the evening. I like this photo, it says to me...Mass for 2 and I envision the two of them standing side by side on their wedding day.
 It was a full house of family and friends.
 Mom and daughter share a laugh during the sermon.
 Peg and Tom listen to the service and a photo of everyone reflected in the chalice as they bless the wine before communion.
Peg's hands with the wedding ring she has never taken off.
 After the mass they talked with friends...
 ...and had some cake. They were so cute cutting the cake and when they were done he licked the icing off her finger. It was a sweet moment :)
A toast to the Peg and Tom. 60 years.
 I just thought this was fun with the reflection and the decorations.
 Congratulations Peg and Tom! Your love is inspiring.

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