Friday, January 28, 2011

Scrapbook Page

It's Friday and that means new scrapbook pages :) I do them during the week, and when the kits are released at Scrap That Idea I can finally post's so hard to wait! You know how I love to blog about my adventures in photography and scrapping right away :)

First up is my niece's birthday party. Their birthdays are so close together they decided this year to have one big birthday party instead of two small ones. Smart kids if you ask me except for one little only get cake one day instead of two ;) But anyway, I made this page using the newest kit from A Work in Progress Designs by Vicki. It's called I {Heart} You and I absolutely love that cute alpha. Oh and I totally love event photography. I love to photograph birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings, little league games, school carnivals etc. If you are interested in having me come photograph your event contact me.
Second is Christmas PJ's. My brother's family loves the Longhorns. Seriously LOVES the Longhorns. It scares me a little ;) So when we were all visiting my mom for the holidays they put on their matching pajamas and I took a few photos. Artgal Style just released this kit Winter Blessings where the colors worked perfectly with the photos. Woo Hoo...usually I'm changing colors to match but it was my lucky day!
Finally, speaking of LUCKY. I won Layout of the week over at Plain Digital Wrapper. I post my layouts in their gallery and they picked one of mine as the best of all the ones uploaded last week. Me? Seriously? So excited! That's my layout on their homepage, bottom right corner!

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