Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brenda and Stephen are Married!

I was lucky enough to photograph Brenda and Stephen get married in Mansfield, Texas with my lovely assistant Amanda on New Year's Eve and it was an amazing ceremony. Honestly it was one of the most moving ceremonies I've photographed all year. Both the bride and the groom had tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces and Tyler exclaimed that it was "The happiest day of my life" immediately after the service. That totally made me tear up too! They were joined together as a family at Community of Hope Mansfield United Methodist Church and the staff there was great to work with. Corey kept the day running smoothly and made sure everyone had everything they needed.
I always love the rings. Especially ones that are engraved.
Her gorgeous shoes. Brenda wore these when she got engaged too.
 Getting ready with some help from their family.
 Brenda and her maid of honor peek out as the ceremony starts and Tyler gives his mom a kiss right before they walk down the aisle. He was a busy guy at the wedding. First he seated the mothers, then he ran to the back and came in again as the ring bearer and finally he walked his mom down the aisle and gave her away. What a great kid!
 Look at their smiles the moment they see each other.
 Tyler was so proud when the minister asked him who gives this woman to be married. My heart was melting at this point. 
 First she wiped tears from his eyes then she laughed as she had to wipe away her own during the vows. I love weddings like this.
They had a wonderful sand ceremony. This was the first time I have seen a child included in the ceremony and it was truly moving. I love his eyes peeking out over the top on the container. 
The church had dramatic lighting and of course the kiss!
This is where Tyler said is was the happiest day of his life :)
Some alone time...
And a few fun ones with Tyler too.
Congratulations and thanks for choosing me to capture your most special day.

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