Saturday, January 8, 2011

At the Hockey Game...

I love hockey. YES!

I had to do a lot of running last night. I shot the first and third periods from ice level but between the first and second the new player was being interviewed on the Platinum level. No the elevator doesn't stop on the platinum level. I had about two minutes to get up there to get the shot. Then I came down to the Plaza Level and shot the second period from overhead because I didn't have time to get all the way back to the ice level. Back to the ice for the third period. Then they went to overtime. Ahh...Overtime. Shootout. I really do love hockey, but At ice level you can't see all of the ice so I had about a minute and a half to run all the way around to the stairs, up the stairs and then to the shooting platform. I barely made it. I wanted to make sure I got the game winning goal. :)
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