Monday, January 2, 2017

Jordan's Grand Slam Bat Mitzvah

I know, I's been forever since I've blogged one of the amazing events I've gotten to photograph but it's a new year so I'm trying to get back on track showing off some of the amazing families I get to spend time with.

Today I want to share Jordan's Bat Mitzvah with you. She celebrated her big day in November and it was stunning. The service was at Shearith Israel in Dallas and the party was later that evening at Granville Arts Center in Garland. Laura of L'Events did an amazing job with the planning and'll see some of her vision when you get to the party photos. Amy Doty was there with Temporary Tattoos, a Lash Bar and FaceBling, DJ Haze and Fenton kept the dance floor rocking all night and the food by Spice of Life Catering was incredible.  Here's a peek at her photos.

 Meet Jordan. She play tennis like a pro and her Bat Mitzvah theme was Jordan's Grand Slam so we did a portrait session on the courts back in July. She's gorgeous and we had so much fun taking photos.
 The service was a Shrearith Israel so we took some photos at the rehearsal the day before since we can't take photos the day of. I love photographing the rehearsal because I can get close to the candid moments.
 After the rehearsal we took some photos with the Torah.
 and the family
Since we did her rehearsal on Friday in the daytime instead of in the evening we had the opportunity to go outside in the courtyard for a few photos. This is the first time I've been outside in the little courtyard at Shearith and it was gorgeous light and made for beautiful photos.
 Saturday night was the party at Granville Arts Center. First a few photos of the outside space transformed with giant pink balloons, pink uplighting and twinkle lights in the trees. Ahhh...gorgeous.
 Once inside the venue I loved this entry with the curtains and as you walked in you saw the tennis court dance floor with the backdrop made of people watching the match. They used photos in so much of their decor...I LOVE that!
 A few more inside views. The dance floor was so cool and perfect for Jordan's theme.
 I loved how they used all the photos I took of Jordan back in July as part of the decor. There were giant banners of Jordan playing tennis hanging overhead and the centerpieces on the adult tables were like custom lampshades with photos all the way around. It was awesome to see my work used like that.
 A few smaller details.
 Check out the cake!
 Jordan had no idea what her party was going to look like. She wanted to be surprised...and she was. In my opinion there are too few real surprises in this life and it it was so much fun to watch her reaction as she saw each little detail of her party. And it was even more fun to see how excited mom and dad were that she was surprised and happy.
 of course this was my favorite surprise. Mom and Dad had me make a guest sign in book for her from the photo we took in July and she didn't see it until the party. It was neat to get to see her see it for the first time and to watch her smile as she saw her photos.
Here are a few of the pages from the sign in book with her tennis portraits and action photos.
 now...back to the party. We took a few family photos in their party clothes before their guests arrived.
 ...and then it was party time. Mom and Dad welcomed their guests.
 Then Jordan made her grand entrance with a choreographed dance.
 There was a hula hoop contest.
 Amy's A-list brought a Lash Bar and FaceBling.
 Her brothers played table tennis and danced the night away.
The family watching the montage.
 Time for the Hora!
 Everyone went up in the chair.
More dancing and fun.
 Daddy daughter dance and mom joined in too!
 Mom and dad even got a few moments alone on the dance floor.
 at the edn of the night i saw this sweet girl sleeping on the sofa with her temporary tattoos and take-home box from the candy bar...sweet dreams!
Mazel Tov Jordan! I loved your Grand Slam Bat Mitzvah and I hope you love your photos! 

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