Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Madi's Senior Portrait

Ahh...Madi is a simply gorgeous girl and I am lucky enough that she chose me to photograph her this past weekend in Fort Worth.

Here's a quick peek at perfection.
We had a little wind while we were shooting and it wasn't so much that we couldn't take photos it was just that perfect little hair blow that makes it look like Hollywood.
 So pretty.
 A few with her letter jacket and soccer things.
 This girl should model. I love how easily she can change from serious to smiles and she looks gorgeous either way.
Just a few in black and white at the Water Gardens.
Our last stop was this simple gray wall near my studio that paired perfectly with her gray lace dress. I love all the contrasting textures in the same color palette.
I love your photos Madi and I hope you do too!

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