Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glynnis and Timothy are Married!

Glynnis and Timothy got married in Irving, Texas on Saturday. What a sweet couple. They had planned to get married outside but nature had other plans. They were fine with it and ended up having lots of fun anyway. Here's a sneak peek at their photos!
His blue bow tie and her dress hanging in the gazebo where they had planned to get married.
She wore sparkly purple heels so I had to put the rings there for a photo :)
 Off to the Church where they got married. Look at the scary clouds. It stormed through the whole ceremony. The were smart to move it indoors.
 The bouquet.
 Getting ready at the church, since it was all unplanned she was in a tiny office and he was in the kitchen. 
 Seeing each other for the first time. The little flower girl got a close-up look since she decided she wanted to stand in the aisle and watch as Glynnis came in instead of walking all the way down. Really cute.
 It was a really pretty church with a lit cross and an amazing wood ceiling.
The kiss and the exit.
A few portraits at the church. It was raining so hard at this point there was really no going outside.
 The cake! I love it when the couple has a little fun.
 Finally a break in the weather and we can take so fun outdoor photos. If it rains on your wedding day you have to go play in in it, right? If only you could see the behind the scenes of the photo on the left :) My awesome assistants, Brooke and Shannon made it happen. Brooke is holding the dress up so it wont drag in the water and ducking down so she wont be in the picture, Shannon is holding the veil out so it looks like we have a little gust of wind when we really don't. Ahhh...the magic of photography and the greatness of assistants. Thanks Brookie and Shannon!
 Congratulations Glynnis and Tim! I hope to have the rest of your images for you in a few weeks :)

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